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Have you explored probiotics for feline CKD, IBS, and IBD prevention + support?

Very interesting!   Sometimes I think of cats as little magical beings, with their knowing blinks and their way of curling up with you just when you need some extra love and kindness. But let’s talk about those other little magical beings for moment: microbes. Because I believe they can make a big difference in […]

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Adding a Dog to a Cat Household: Successful Case Study!

This DIDN’T happen overnight. Here’s how it went down…   Introduction from Liz: Many of us grew up with indoor-outdoor cats and dogs running around and found that these mixed families were fairly harmonious, or at least tolerant, as there was so much space for them to live virtually separate lives. But, it’s a whole different situation when we […]

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Caring for a Cat with Kidney Disease: Hopeful News from the Front Lines

  This is an interview with Karil Kaylor about how her cat, Boomer, has had significant improvement since his initial sobering kidney failure diagnosis. Ever on the lookout for encouraging cat health stories we might learn from, and painfully aware of how common kidney failure is in cats, I was eager to let Karil share her story here. […]

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Dr. Hardy + her cat Moof

Alternative treatments for cat cancer: Should you try them?

This is a guest post by Liz Hardy, PhD, of Meow Cancer Clinic.  (For even more on this topic, see this page and this other post.) Before my cat got cancer, I thought alternative treatments were only for the desperate, a last resort when all hope is lost. But then we got the diagnosis: “cat cancer,” and everything […]

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Dr. Hofve on what to feed a cat with kidney disease

One question I get a lot is “What should I feed my CKD cat?” (CKD stands for chronic kidney disease. It’s also called CRF, chronic renal disease.) Not having a definitive answer, I requested an interview with one of my favorite cat experts, the holistic vet, Dr. Jean Hofve. She provided some surprising and helpful answers! Dr. Jean, if you had a cat […]

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