Today’s best cat foods–reviews of canned and raw options

UPDATE March 2016  (Merrick removed because they were bought by Purina in 2015 and I’ve heard too many complaints about the food since. Earlier update: new additions and some movement from 2nd to 1st place in the October 2015 changes noted here.)

The cat food world changes A LOT. When I have time, this list is updated. Meanwhile, you can help others by sharing info in the Comments. 

Scratching your head in the cat food aisle? I’ve been there.

In fact, I’ve become a bit obsessive about how to choose the best cat food. I hope the hours of research and time I put into it will help you–and your cat. If you’re curious, I explain how I selected these cat foods here and answer FAQ’s about it here.

My main concern with cat food is how it affects:

To me, these issues are even more important than the quality and source of the micro-ingredients in a food and who manufactures the food. Of course, I would never use a cat food created in China, but high quality pet food canning plants are few and far between even in the US. Now, there are some small ingredients I’ve taken a great interest in – such as carrageenan and BPA. This is because there may be life-threatening problems associated with these substances if they are consumed regularly over time. On the other hand, people ask about a lot of ingredients, like guar gum, that are not – to my knowledge thus far – known to be a big risk.

I think it’s easy, out of concern for your cat, to lose sight of the forest for the trees. So for me it’s about minimizing risk while keeping the higher priorities (above) in perspective and making sure we have enough good options to choose from.

Today’s best cat foods

If your cat has special health issues, please be sure to consult with a good vet about their food. If your cat has an illness with weakened immunity, some vets recommend avoiding raw meat as a precaution against bacteria.

Tip: On mobile, click the “+” signs for more info on each food.





Radcat RAW Frozen
Omega 3s (fish oil)
Simple formula
Most ingredients are organic or pasture-raised.
Raw is considered most easily digested,
nutrient-available form of cat food.
Very low starch, grain free
VERY HIGH compared to others on this list.
HOWEVER, this is because the recommend serving size is larger than the serving size recommend for other raw products.
AND Rad Cat says some cats may not need as much as they recommend, depending on cat size and activity level.
JUNE 2016: RadCat announced a voluntary recall of specific batches of food due to bacteria detected. See this FAQ to check your batches and learn more. It is unlikely your cats will eat the tainted food even if you give it to them, but avoid it so your cat doesn’t get sick.
Uses water High Pressure Processing to prevent bad bacteria while preserving the enzymes that make raw food nutrients so available.
TIP: You can get 4 for the price of 3 of any Rad Cat size at Pet food Express stores (at least in California). Saves a bundle!
Uses organic egg shell calcium instead of ground bones, so it may be more suitable for cats with constipation. (Works best for our cat who can’t digest ground bone!)
Ziwipeak Canned Cat Food  Ziwipeak Canned
Meat ingredients are sourced from grass-fed farming with no hormones or antibiotics used. No BPA in can lining. No carrageenan (removed). Very low starch, grain free.
Sourced only from fully traceable, approved New Zealand farms. Manufactured in company-owned facilities in New Zealand


They listened -removed carrageenan!
Primal, RAW
Some ingredients are organic (not the meats though).
Small company focused solely on quality pet food.
Omega 3s (fish oil)
Raw is considered most easily digested, nutrient-available form of cat food.
Very low starch, grain
LOW daily feeding cost compared to others on this list.
Includes ground bones—not recommended for cats with
kidney issues or constipation.
Tip: See their helpful food portion calculator provided online (it’s challenging to calculate amounts without it)
Uses water High Pressure Processing to prevent bad bacteria while preserving the enzymes that make raw food nutrients so available.
Includes Montmorillonite Clay (from Azomite) that is tested as contaminant-free.
While Primal contains more plant matter than I like to see in a cat food (making it more complicated for digestion), the fact that it’s raw outweights that issue and keeps it in the 1st tier.
Nature’s Variety Instinct LID (Limited Ingredient) canned

Meats sourced from US and New Zealand
(except rabbit)
No carrageenan
Very low starch, grain free
No BPA in 5.5oz and 3 oz cans
GMO free
Manufactured in US at APHIS EU Certified plant.
MED daily feeding cost compared to others on this list.
Recently moved from 2nd place to 1st place tier because the Montmorillonite Clay is tested to be toxin-free. According Nature’s Variety rep: “Our vendor tests the Montmorillonite Clay used in our diets for toxins and it is guaranteed toxin-free.” 
LID formulas are best as they have more simple ingredients than other Nature’s Variety canned recipes.
Wild Calling Canned Cat Food  Wild Calling
No artificial anything
Ingredients source in the US
Very low carb
No carrageenan
Readers have reported that Wild Calling uses the Evanger’s Illinois plant for canning their formulas. Personally, I don’t consider this a big risk, but some are uncomfortable with it. In 2010, Evangers was found by the FDA to be using dishonest practices in their own formulas. While this is appalling, it had nothing to do with their plant’s canning of other small brands. And, it has been corrected. In my opinion, this food has too many good features to overlook because they need to use one on of the few available US pet food canning  plants (Evangers) to package their food.
Weruva Grain Free Cats in the Kitchen (cans + pouches)
No carrageenan
Simple ingredients
Responsive customer service
Certified GMO-free
Made in human-food processing facility
No BPA in can lining
MED -HIGH daily feeding cost compared to others on this list.
Moved from 2nd to 1st place because no longer contains starch ingredient.
Beef is from Australia & New Zealand. Fish is from international waters, except for Tilapia, which is farmed in Thailand. Chicken raised in Thaliand.
Manufactured in Thailand in human-food processing facility.
Tiki Cat Koolina Luau canned and Puka Puka Luau (both chicken) tikiKoolkinapuka_pukatiki
Very low starch, grain free
Manufactured in a human food factory
USDA certified chicken
Very simple ingredients– easy on digestion
No BPA in cans
No carrageenan
MED daily feeding cost compared to others on this list.
Made inThailand at a human food factory.  USDA certified chicken.
Feline’s Pride RAW Frozen
Good variety of selections: Cornish hen, turkey, chicken, duck, and more
Simple recipe (best digestion)
Omega 3s (fish oil)
Recommended by Feline
Nutrition Education Society

and Elizabeth Hodgkins, DVM is also a fan
Low starch, grain free
MED (when extra shipping costs are added) daily feeding cost compared to others on this list.
Order online at
Includes ground bones—not recommended for cats with
kidney issues or constipation.
Darwins RAW frozen darwins
All meats are hormone-and antibiotic-free and free-range
Claim human-quality ingredients
Raw is considered the most easily digested, nutrient-available form of cat food.
Low starch, grain free
Simple recipe (best for digestion)
Lab-tested to meet and exceed AAFCO guidelines
Includes ground bones—not recommended for cats with
kidney issues or constipation
Pure Vita canned  
Grain free, low starch
Fairly simple ingredients
Manufactured at company-owned US plant
Fish meal is cetified ethoxyquin-free
No carrageenan



MED daily feeding cost compared to others on this list.
Good news: Though formula includes potato starch, the carb percentage remains very low (under 5%).
Good news: Controversial ingredient Menadione (synthetic K) was removed from product.
Hound & Gatos canned  
No BPA in can lining
No carrageenan
Low starch, grain free
Claim human-quality
US food and factory
MED daily feeding cost compared to others on this list.
There is a misprint on some cans that indicates the product contains Vitamin D2. I have been contacted by the owner of Hound & Gatos, who assures me that it is a misprint; the product still contains D3, not D2. We assume the misprint will be corrected on future labels.
Holistic Select Grain Free Canned Holistic Select Grain Free canned
Grain free
Ingredients are US only, with exception of Duck from Germany, Lamb from New Zealand
Several plant ingredients, however these are all in powder form, making them simplier for cat digestion.
Readers have reported a rumor (yet to be confirmed) that Holistic Select uses the Evanger’s Illinois plant for canning their formulas. Personally, I don’t consider this a big risk, but some are uncomfortable with it. In 2010, Evangers was found by the FDA to be using dishonest practices in their own formulas. While this is appalling, it had nothing to do with their plant’s canning of other small brands. And, it has been corrected. In my opinion, this food has too many good features to overlook because they need to use one on of the few available US pet food canning  plants (Evangers) to package their food.
Raw is considered the most easily digested, nutrient-available form of cat food.
Organic meats!
Low starch, grain free
Variety of formulas
MED daily feeding cost compared to others on this list.
Formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO.
Includes ground bones—not recommended for cats with
kidney issues or constipation
They also have a freeze-dried raw cat food that looks good.






Primal Freeze Dried RAW
More convenient than raw frozen food.
Raw is considered the most easily digested, nutrient-available form of cat food.
Low starch, grain free
Some ingredients are organic (not the meat)
LOW daily feeding cost compared to others on this list.
IMPORTANT: Add water as instructed – otherwise the carb count is too high, plus cats can get dehydrated & accidentally overeat if you don’t add water.
All raw dehydrated food are in 2nd place because they require water to be healthy and some people may overlook this.
Includes ground bones—not recommended for cats with
kidney issues or constipation.
Includes Montmorillonite Clay (from Azomite) that is tested as contaminant-free.
Ziwipeak, Raw air-DEHYDRATED  
Omega 3s (fish oil)
No hormones and antibiotics
8% more moisture than most dry foods–more if you add water.
More convenient than raw frozen food.
Raw is considered the most easily digested, nutrient-available form of cat food.
Low starch, grain free; nice simple ingredients
LOW daily feeding cost compared to others on this list.
IMPORTANT: Add water as instructed – otherwise the carb count is too high, plus cats can get dehydrated & accidentally overeat if you don’t add water.
All raw dehydrated food are in 2nd place because they require water to be healthy and some people may overlook this.
Includes ground bones—not recommended for cats with
kidney issues or constipation.
Several experts say dry foods are too dehydrating for cats with kidney problems.
FirstMate Limited Ingredient Canned  FirstMate - limited Ingredient
BPA free
Made in Vancouver, Canada
Uses free-range chicken. Vitamin and mineral supplements are sourced from North America, Germany and France.
Meats sourced from US, except Duck from Germany, Lamb from New Zealand/Australia.
In 2nd place because contains some starch, making carb count slightly higher.
Party Animal Canned Cat Food  Party Animal
Grain free
Hand-crafted in small batches
Organic protein sources, oils, fruits, vegetables.
Made in USA
In 2nd place because it contains several plant ingredients ingredients (harder for cats with sensitive digestion)
Feline Caviar Wet Food  Feline Caviar
Grain free
No GMO’s
Omega 3:6
Free-range chicken
Ingredients sourced from U.S. with the exception of lamb meal and venison meal from New Zealand; kelp from Norway
In 2nd place because Feline Caviar uses the Evanger’s Illinois plant for canning their formulas. Personally, I don’t consider this a big risk, but some are uncomfortable with it. In 2010, Evangers was found by the FDA to be using dishonest practices in their own formulas. While this is appalling, it had nothing to do with their plant’s canning of other small brands. And, it has been corrected. In my opinion, this food has too many good features to overlook because they need to use one on of the few available US pet food canning plants (Evangers) to package their food.
Feline Natural Raw Freeze Dried by K9
More convenient than raw frozen food.
Raw is considered the most easily digested, nutrient-available form of cat food.
Low starch, grain free
Nice simple ingredients are easy on digestiom (if you add water as instructed –
cats accidentally overeat if you don’t)
Clean New Zealand sourced ingredients
LOW daily feeding cost compared to others on this list.
IMPORTANT: Stir in warm water (at about body temp); don’t have to wait to serve. Add water as instructed – otherwise the carb count is too high, plus cats can get dehydrated & accidentally overeat if you don’t add water.
All raw dehydrated food are in 2nd place because they require water to be healthy and some people may overlook this.
Includes ground bones—not recommended for cats with
kidney issues or constipation.
“Has been tested and exceeds the AAFCO minimum requirements” – including taurine. (Shane Bartlettf, K9 Natural Food)
Only pet food legally allowed to call themselves “human grade” (they won a lawsuit). Company owned US plant is certified for organic and kosher products by the state of California.
Meat is steamed at low temperatures to kill pathogens while conserving nutrient quality, then dehydrated.
Grain free
LOW daily feeding cost compared to others on this list.
IMPORTANT: Add water as instructed – otherwise the carb count is too high, plus cats can get dehydrated & accidentally overeat if you don’t add water.
All raw dehydrated food are in 2nd place because they require water to be healthy and some people may overlook this.
Also in 2nd place because contains starchy ingredients, making carb count a bit higher than first place foods. NOTE “Grace” is lower in carbs and simpler in ingredients than “Prowl”
Introduce gradually. Texture is unique–some cats resist it. Ours like it better with ground turkey added.
Tip: Best deal I found on a trial
is at their online store.
Stellas Freeze Dried RAW

Only the Chicken, Duck, and Turkey are Menadione-free.
More convenient than raw frozen food.
Raw is considered the most easily digested, nutrient-available form of cat food.
Low starch, grain free
Nice simple ingredients are easy on digestion
MED daily feeding cost compared to others on this list.
IMPORTANT: Add water as instructed – otherwise the carb count is too high, plus cats can get dehydrated & accidentally overeat if you don’t add water.
All raw dehydrated food are in 2nd place because they require water to be healthy and some people may overlook this.
Avoid the seafood formulas, as they contain Menadione.
IMPORTANT: Add water; rehydrate for 1 minute.  Add water as instructed.
cats can get dehydrated & accidentally overeat if you don’t.
Includes ground bones—not recommended for cats with
kidney issues or constipation.
LOTUS canned
No carrageenan
No ethoxyquin in fish
Very low starch, grain free
All ingredients sourced from US, Canada,
New Zealand
Made in small batches in US
Claim not to have BPA in lining
Medium daily feeding cost compared to
others on this list.
In 2nd place because contains large fish (4th ingredient), so should not be fed exclusively due to concerns about accumulated ocean pollution toxins and/or extra iodine affecting thyroid health over time.
Taste of the WILD canned
No BPA in cans
No carrageenan
No ethoxyquin in fish
Low starch, grain free
MED daily feeding cost compared to others on this list.
In 2nd place because contains large fish, so should not be fed exclusively due to concerns about accumulated ocean pollution toxins and/or extra iodine affecting thyroid health over time.
Also contains small amount of menadione sodium bisulfite (controversial form of vitamin K)
ADDICTION Carrageenan-free formulas only: Duck, Venison, Buffalo, Rabbit, Turkey
Grain free
No carrageenan
Manufactured in company-owned New Zealand plant
MED daily feeding cost compared to others on this list.
In 2nd place because contains starchy ingredients, making carb count a bit higher than first place foods.
Also because many formulas large fish, so those should not be fed exclusively due to concerns about accumulated ocean pollution toxins and/or extra iodine affecting thyroid health over time.
Soulistic canned Carrageenan-free formulas only: Good Karma, Harvest Sunrise
Claims human-quality food sources and “free range” chicken
Grain free
No Carrageenan (Good Karma and Harvest Sunrise)
MED daily feeding cost compared to others on this list.
In 2nd place because contains starchy ingredients, making carb count a bit higher than first place foods.
Other carrageenan-free formulas were removed from this list because they contain controversial ingredient Menadione (synthetic K)
Manufactured in Thaliand at USDA-approved human food facility
You’ll find it at PETCO
ORGANIX Grain-Free Canned Cat Food Organix
GMO-free certified.
Organic (meats and protein sources as well as flaxseed, cranberries and carrots)
No carrageenan
Made in USA
omega-6 and 3 fatty acids,
No artificial preservatives, growth hormones or antibiotics in organic ingredients—ever
In 2nd place because Organix is owned by Merrick, which was bought by Purina in 2015. They say the company will still operate independently with no changes. The takeover process will take many months. For these reasons, I would say the product is probably still fine for now, but after 2016, let’s revisit what’s happening with Merrick and the quality of its ingredients. (If you notice anything, let me know. I have already had too many complaints about the Merrick canned cat food and removed it from this list in March 2016. I believe Organix food has more of chance of maintaining quality thanks to certified organic standards.)
 Impulse by Halo   Impulse by Halo
No grains
No rendered meats
Includes omega 3 + 6
Ingredients sourced in US, except lamb from New Zealand and peas from Canada
Includes a Quail formula, which is a good novel protein for cats with digestive tracts requiring alternatives (it also contains chicken though)
A little dry – try mixing a splash of water
Moved to 2nd place because Impulse now uses D2 instead of D3. While I’ve disqualified other foods because of they contain D2, I am revisiting this decision because we don’t have all the facts yet on D2 vs. D3. However, we know D2 is not utilized as easily, especially in cats, and there was a study that found mortality rate went slightly up in humans taking D2 and DOWN in humans taking D3 – see Mercola article.
Also, the president of the Vitamin D Council is anti-D2: “If you take ergocalciferol…[D2]…be warned…It does not normally occur in the human body and is probably a weak agonist at the receptor site, meaning it may actually partially block vitamin D actions. Ergocalciferol is the villain in most of the reported cases of [Vitamin D] toxicity in the world’s literature.”


Great Life Essentials canned  greatLife
Meats sourced from US
No carrageenan
Low starch, grain free


LOW daily feeding cost compared to others on this list.
In 2nd place because Great Life uses the Evanger’s Illinois plant for canning their formulas. Personally, I don’t consider this a big risk, but some are uncomfortable with it. In 2010, Evangers was found by the FDA to be using dishonest practices in their own formulas. While this is appalling, it had nothing to do with their plant’s canning of other small brands. And, it has been corrected. In my opinion, this food has too many good features to overlook because they need to use one on of the few available US pet food canning  plants (Evangers) to package their food.
SOJOS Freeze Dried Raw  SOJOS
Raw is considered the most easily digested, nutrient-available form of cat food.
Grain free
USDA meat
Variety of formulas to choose
MED daily feeding cost compared to others on this list.
IMPORTANT: Add water as instructed – otherwise the carb count is too high, plus cats can get dehydrated & accidentally overeat if you don’t add water.
All raw dehydrated food are in 2nd place because they require water to be healthy and some people may overlook this. Also, this food contains a starchy ingredient (sweet potatoes), so carb percentage will be higher than the many foods on this list that don’t contain a significant starch.
Includes ground bones—not recommended for cats with kidney issues or constipation
Meets (exceeds) minimum nutritional levels established by the
Tiki Cat Hanalei Luau Wild Salmon, canned
Sources through environmental fishing practices; seafood sustainability and food safety guidelines
Manufactured in a human food factory (quality is visible—looks and smells like human food)
Omega 3’s
No carrageenan
No BPA in cans
Low starch, grain free
MED daily feeding cost compared to others on this list
In 2nd place because contains large fish, so should not be fed exclusively due to concerns about accumulated ocean pollution toxins and/or extra iodine affecting thyroid health over time.
No longer contains menadione (controversial synthetic vitamin K).
Note: Avoid the TikiCat formulas that have grain (rice) in them. (This Wild Salmon one doesn’t have it.)
Life’s Abundance Instinctive Choice canned
Simple ingredients, include organic chicken
Omega 3s (fish oil)
No carrageenan
Very low starch, grain free
No BPA in cans
US ingredients only
MED-HIGH daily feeding cost compared to others on this list.
In 2nd place because Instinctive Choice is manufactured in a Simmons Food facility,  Simmons bought Menu Food after Menu Foods messed up big time in 2007. (I personally don’t think this is much of a risk though because Simmons is not Menu Foods and the dreadful 2007 Menu Foods incidents/recall was related to foods with wheat gluten from China. This food does not contain wheat gluten or ingredients from China.)
Most cats love this food.
I can only find it online–by the case. I suggesting getting their trial size first.
You can save money & time with their auto-ship option.
Wellness Healthy Indulgence pouches with GRAIN FREE labels only
Grain free
High moisture
Less fuss than cans
No carrageenan
VERY HIGH daily feeding cost compared to others on this list.
Instructions say feed 2 pouches for every 5 lbs of cat, so an active 10 lb cat would need 4 pouches per day – that’s a lot.
In 2nd place because contains starchy ingredients, making carb count a bit higher than first place foods.
CAUTION: The pouches not labeled Grain Free contain oat fiber, which is gluten-free in this case, but may not be the most digestible substance for cats.

While all of these cat food choices are unbiased and based solely on what I would buy, I have started to allow some links on this page to be affiliate links in order to keep this blog funded.

Most cats resist unfamiliar food at first! Buy and try SMALL at first AND use these smart tips to help your cat accept new foods:

If your cat has IBS symptoms or digestive issues

See How treatment-resistant feline IBS symptoms healed in one month and What to feed cats with feline IBS, diarrhea, or frequent hairballs.

If your cat’s favorite natural cat food didn’t make the list…

Many cat foods almost made this list. There were so many foods, I had to be brutal in selecting.

See These natural cat foods didn’t make the “best” list: here’s why (includes the Runner Ups!).

Maybe I missed a food. Let me know if you have questions–I won’t always be able to answer every question personally, but I will add foods you ask about to my “To Be Researched” list.

I also started a list best dry cat foods here–with some health caveats.


Where to find these foods

  • Only Natural Pet Store (carries most of these foods – affiliate store chosen for their reasonable prices)
  • and carry many of these foods.
  • Many brands are available online directly from the company that makes them
  • Your local pet food store (especially if holistic) may have some brands
  • Whole Foods carries Primal cat food

Resources for making cat food

Making your own raw cat food can cost even less than the packaged raw cat foods, and is one the healthiest things you can do for most cats. However, it is absolutely essential that you do it right, and add proper nutrients—serious health problems could result if you don’t add the right nutrients. Here’s the scoop!


Your experience? Let’s talk!

None of these foods are perfect, but they met my “best of” criteria. However, every cat has different needs, just like you and I do.

I welcome your experiences, opinions, and contributions in the comments below.

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1,523 Responses to Today’s best cat foods–reviews of canned and raw options

  1. Iman April 8, 2016 at 7:59 pm #


    My cat eats nature variety raw chicken food ever since she was a kitten. What are your thoughts on this brand? Also recently the vet found crystals in her urine and they are usually caused by feeding cats dry food. Do you think the raw food caused this?

    • josinger14 May 28, 2016 at 10:07 am #

      Hello Nicole,

      It depends on what the crystals are made of. If they are oxalate crystals, Dr. Hines recommends that raw meat that contains vegetable matter should not be fed to cats with oxalate issues. Here is his article. Very informative, even though he is mainly referring to stones.

    • Ann M. July 5, 2016 at 1:34 pm #

      My 5 year old male cat was fed only Primal raw food (the beef and salmon, occasionally the rabbit and the pheasant) for much of his life. All was well for a few years (shiny coat, no health problems), but following a stressful move he developed bladder and urinary problems over the course of a few months, including frequent and inappropriate urinating (every 15-30 minutes and sometimes outside his litter box) and there was occasional blood. I tried so many different things to minimize his stress, which had always been rather high, and also add supplements/Vitamin C to his diet and other suggestions found in The Natural Cat by Anitra Frazier (a great book, but outdated on urinary/bladder stone issues). It was all to no avail and the litter problems continued. My vet was equally useless and prescribed medication that did nothing to remedy the situation — a month later, after seeing my cat in visible pain for 1-2 days, I called the vet again, panicked, and was told to bring him in again for examination. Sure enough, this time they felt stones in his bladder, and he had to undergo surgery the following day — I should mention that this was the exact problem that I was hoping to avoid by putting him on a raw meat diet!!

      I sent the stones out for analysis. They were struvite stones, not oxalate as I had thought. My cat has since recovered nicely 3 months later, and I test his PH every few days. It’s at a steady 6.5-7.0. I would like it to be 6.0-6.5. My solution: gradually take him off the Primal and put him on a Radcat (all beef) diet, which I make as a “beef stew” — meaning, I add 1 inch of distilled water to his dish. I feed him three mini meals a day to ensure his water intake. (Clean) Water is your best friend when dealing with stones! Also, I agree with others who have said that the Primal food includes too much plant matter and minerals and not enough moisture, which can lead to struvite stone development. I think a high stress level can also contribute — my cat’s brother is extremely mellow and developed no bladder problems while he was on the same Primal diet. Both cats are on Radcat now, in a stress-free environment, drinking plenty of water. I have also removed ALL natural treats from their diet in order to keep them at an ideal weight…
      I hope my experience can help someone else!

      • Maricela Vargas July 5, 2016 at 3:09 pm #

        Oh wow! What a hard time that must’ve been for you!!! This is what my thoughts are also is to feed good food now and avoid any stress later but I guess still you never know!!! I am also currently feeding my cat RadCat Raw and also Orijen dry food but just found out there was a recall on the RadCat!!! I never thought it’d happen since they have such a high reputation but now it makes me wonder even though my container wasn’t one of the ones recalled I now am having doubts.

        • EffieA. July 5, 2016 at 4:07 pm #

          I think that is a risk for many raw food regardless some say it is still safer, but any food can be at risk though. I think that is why I am for the ziwipeak cans that are partially raw or go for cans that are not so heavily processed but still safe from a great food grade quality center. Stress can cause uti, so it is always good to provide Water ( I prefer a porcelain filtered water fountain so does my cat) along with food, it is always preferable to not feed dry food at all. For those worried about the rad cat recall, here are the batch info including serial numbers or dates and product type or name if you are concern:

        • Taryn DeNovo July 7, 2016 at 12:40 am #

          Marcela Vargas, I definitely think it’s worth it to read about other people’s experiences with different brands of cat food. It is also important to look at a history of recalls vs one recall. There have been a lot of recalls for bacteria on certain raw foods, but I always like to keep in mind whether or not it’s a trend. One recall can happen to the best company, older companies, and of course bigger companies, will end up with more recalls simply due to production volume (less ability to control quality is one reason I avoid large companies). Recalls that number in the 20s, 30s, and beyond, ike Iams, Pedigree, or Fancy feast is a disturbing trend. It says to me it’s not an honest and unavoidable slip or oversight anymore, we’re talking about negligence.

  2. speed1liteGP April 9, 2016 at 5:49 am #

    I don’t know if it’s available in the USA but I feed my 2 guys Petcurean Go! brand (Made in Canada and the US). The ingredients are simple and none of their cat formulas contain Carrageenan and the cans are BPA free.

    • Taryn DeNovo July 7, 2016 at 12:48 am #

      I’m in the U.S. and just bought some of this today. After reading your comment, I sure hope my cat likes it, because the only wet food he does like is Halo Spot’s Stew. I’m very disappointed in Halo right now because they will not change their cans and state that they only contain the “safe levels” of BPA as authorized by the FDA. I’m pretty sure BPAs are only considered as “probably” safe in healthy adult HUMANS and have been proven harmful to the thyroid and even toxic to cats. The only reason it hasn’t been banned by the FDA is because it’s pretty hard to get approval for that kind of case study in human trials, so they really can’t prove how safe or unsafe it is in humans.

  3. PB April 22, 2016 at 9:28 am #

    Ziwipeak now contains D2 rather than D3..The cans with and expiration date of 2019 all have D2. The cans with a 2018 expiration date still have D3.

  4. Bonnie April 22, 2016 at 9:37 pm #

    What do you think of BFF cat food?

  5. Jamie April 24, 2016 at 6:12 pm #

    Thank you so much for this website! I have been trying to find cat food with good ingredients without bpa can lining for a while. All of your details are so helpful! Your site is a wonderful resource!

  6. Linda Motschiedler April 25, 2016 at 2:36 pm #

    I’ve been reading this blog since my cat was diagnosed with IBD. I already switched her to Orijen dry and she and my other cat took to it right away as my cats were used to dry food. I was looking for a new canned food and was going to try Natures Variety Instinct LI first but someone on this site talked about sharp bones in it so I have been trying Wild Calling for about a week now. I would just mention that this food also has some small bone fragments in it but I am not so sure it is a problem. However, I have encountered a problem in that my 2 cats are small and with the 5 oz can I always have leftovers and they will not eat them (refrigerated or room temp) so I am wasting too much food. Apparently this food does not come in a smaller size AND you must buy it in mixed flavors by a case of 12. Any suggestions?

    Thinking of trying Natures Variety LI which seems to come in 3 oz cans. I wish you could buy a few single cans just to try it!

    • Mari April 25, 2016 at 4:21 pm #

      Nature’s Variety LI Pork doesn’t have bones in it almost at all.

      • hpicardi April 25, 2016 at 4:29 pm #

        bones? I have never seen bones in Nature’s Variety Turkey LI (that’s the only one I feed). On another note, my mini tigers will eat anything I feed them (thank the Lord!) but as far as left over food I generally put it in a ziplock bag, smooth the food out and dip it in hot water for 2-3 minutes. And the warm (not hot) food seems to be much more appealing. Hope that helps!

        • Linda Motschiedler April 27, 2016 at 9:50 pm #

          Thx for that suggestion and I will try it. My Natures Variety LI came today and I did NOT see any bones in it. My cats seemed to like the turkey. Sorry I listened to that post but she even showed a pic of all the bone fragments! Thanks again!

          • Taryn DeNovo July 7, 2016 at 2:23 am #

            Linda, I don’t know where you are located, but where I live (U.S. south) a local boutique lets you mix and match open cases, and Tomlinson’s (which seems to be everywhere here) will make a case of 12 for you that contains whatever flavors you want it to! It’s great for my picky guy! Before I found my local boutiques my kitty was not nearly as spoiled as he is now! They are so helpful, and many are cheaper than petco/petsmart!!!

        • Taryn DeNovo July 7, 2016 at 2:17 am #

          Great tip! I’ve noticed the same for my kitty. I put his can in the fridge and if I don’t heat the food after he’ll turn up his nose! I was using the microwave but didn’t like the hot and cold spots. The hot water is a great idea!

    • Michele May 10, 2016 at 7:35 pm #

      I’ve been using Nature’s Variety Limited Ingredient canned food in rabbit and lamb for almost 2 months for one of my cats with IBD. It’s pretty much pate style with a few whole peas in it. I haven’t seen any bones in it, and the calcium source is calcium carbonate so I don’t think it’s made with bones. Also I contacted the company about the source of the rabbit and it’s from Europe. I think they said France and Italy. I usually add some filtered water to it because it’s quite dense along with some digestive enzymes and probiotics.

      • Linda Motschiedler May 10, 2016 at 8:03 pm #

        Thanks Michele for the info. Unfortunately my cat with the IBD was doing ok on the Natures Variety LI, has now started vomiting again with even this wet food. So now I am back to just the Orijen dry and Evo dry which seems to agree with her. Other than these two dry foods I don’t know what to do just yet.

  7. animaux April 27, 2016 at 5:54 pm #

    Thanks for a great breakdown here. Wanted to add that I believe Party Animal is canned by Evangers, which is why we stopped feeding it not long after it came out. Too bad, though, because our cats enjoyed it.

  8. BlackJena April 29, 2016 at 1:03 pm #

    I have recently reduced my wet food choices from Weruva & Applaws, & Fromm down to just Nature’s Variety Instinct LID & Wild Calling. I would like to caution people about their canning practices which seem to be problematic at the moment. Do these companies use the same co-packer? I have found issues such as rusty spots near the seal, a white coating over the top of the food once opened, orange/greasy/gelatinous film on the food and a strange bumpy surface, and also a watery and odd jagged pattern in the food which is not normal with these brands. I recently bought the Wild Calling Alligator and was hard pressed to find a can without rust. In the end I could only find two in the whole store. I also had a problem finding cans of NV without dents or damage. Three of the four stores I shop at have issues. One store owner had to return all her Nature’s Variety to the distributor because of can damage. This is a product integrity issue. I have taken photos and plan to contact these companies because I am throwing out a lot of food, and consequently, lots of money! I don’t mind paying extra, but I’m not in the business of making donations to corporations for substandard products. I really need an immediate alternative. My cats require a limited ingredient diet and I am troubled by the recent issues with my fav two brands. Please do not feed your pet anything that looks suspicious. There are very real issues that left unchecked, may make your pets sick, or worse. Please stay vigilant, and share any experiences you may have had with these brands. Thanks so much!

    • humberto picardi April 29, 2016 at 1:42 pm #

      I experienced MANY issues with crushed cans of NV LID (turkey) last year, ordering from (and sometimes even on in-store purchases at petco). This year I have not seen a SINGLE crushed can coming from The NV packaging seems the same. I believe that the outside packaging/warehouse handling at the different re-sellers is the problem. Of course, I can’t be sure if the manufacturer improved THEIR processes just at the time I switched re-sellers

      • josinger14 April 29, 2016 at 1:52 pm #

        I had the same experience with purchasing from Petco. No problems with on the NV LID either turkey or the lamb. Our cats love this food also. Another great thing about Chewy is if there are problems they take care of their customers extremely well. they will replace any cans of food that are dented. I love Chewy. Wonderful customer service!!!

        • humberto picardi April 29, 2016 at 2:00 pm #

          In all fairness to Petco they also replaced/refunded any dented cans (with option to get refund at local store). But my time investment was huge….

        • Paula June 15, 2016 at 6:39 pm #

          It has been a few years, but at least owned PetCo’s warehouses was all over the news for deplorable conditions. Mice had chewed through dry food sacks, cans were filthy, the area was filthy, it was just horrific. I believe other warehouses were cited as well, but it has been a while and I’ve slept since then. lol I just became very wary of PetCo after this because it had to have taken a LONG time for the warehouse to become that deplorable. How did no one ever visit? As a business owner, we always make periodic visits to warehouses, customers, manufacturing plants, etc. I ant to ensure our products are quality from the start because they represent who we are as a company. PetCo may have done a 180 and has quality control in place, but it sure doesn’t sound like it.

          • baddonkey333 July 16, 2016 at 9:10 pm #

            Sounds like they need some cats at their warehouses to keep out the mice!

    • Geo55 April 30, 2016 at 5:00 pm #

      Did you know….that pet food companies are ‘allowed’ by the FDA to use alternative meat(s) other than what’s listed on the label? They can do this for up to 6 months with no penalty. Yet another travesty of the pet food (feed) industry. I really feel for people who need to avoid certain ingredients to have healthy cats. So important to exercise as much care as possible and remain vigilant!

  9. Molly April 30, 2016 at 12:42 am #

    I cannot tell you how grateful I am for this post and for the continuous energy you put into keeping it up-to-date. It’s one of my favorite bookmarks, and I refer back to every time I change food. My cat has struggled with a combination of dietary sensitivities, but (knock on wood) we’ve been in good shape for over 2 years now. Every time I rotate her food, I refer back to this post. A thousand thank-yous for all of your efforts!

  10. Terri April 30, 2016 at 6:35 pm #

    Thank you so much for all the research you’ve done on these foods. My cat has food allergies and as a result suffers from intermittent IBS and has had two bouts of pancreatitis. He went from 18 lbs, yes too big, but with his wide build and he’s on steroids for asthma, vets never complained too much, but when the food allergy kicked in at its fullest he went down to 12lbs. The vet said he cannot lose anymore weight. The Vet food was the worst and he finally refused to eat any of it. He was vomited 2-3 times a week. I switched to Blue buffalo as everyone said it was great. He was on it for a year, did great and then he started vomiting. I found bone fragments in the food and the consistency changed so I stopped giving it to him. I believe they’re no longer making the BB Mature Limited Ingredient anymore and there are many reports of people’s pets getting sick on BB. When I returned the cans Petco said they’d pulled it off the shelves. It was a nightmare finding something new. The holistic vet recommended Merrick Limited ingredient. He didn’t love it, but he ate it and the vet said that they shouldn’t love their food, it’s simply nourishment and they just need to eat it and do well on it. I don’t know why we think our cats have to love food for it to be good, but basically the opposite is true if it’s too good to them, there are usually unhealthy additives. Well he did great on Merrick until last week. His weight has been stable and he was looking healthy. I bought 8 cases of 24 at the end of last year which must have been the last pre-purina batch. I ordered a new batch last week, 4 cases of 24. I opened a can and it was soupy, smelled stronger than usual, but he actually was demanding it more than usual. I gave it to him, but he vomited on can 3 and developed diarrhea. I usually taste the food, but didn’t this time as I’d tasted the Merrick in the past and it was fine. No flavor at all really. Something said taste the food as I felt like something was wrong. It tasted very metallic and a bit like it was spoiled. It was awful. He’s on the duck as we were staying away from turkey and chicken and it’s hard finding LI rabbit or vennison these days. But considering I was desperate, I went to petsmart and bough the NV Instinct LI Turkey. I wasn’t giving him another can of the Merrick Duck. The vet expressed concern over Purina purchasing them last year and she was right. I’m not sure what they’re doing differently but it made my cat sick. I hope he adjusts to the Instict LI and that the turkey doesn’t make him sick. Tried it in the past and he refused to eat it. He ate it today with no issues. I was scared that the NV Instict LI wouldn’t make the grade and I’m glad it has. I just hope now that he will continue to eat it and there’s no vomiting or IBS flare up. You’ve given me a great new perspective about healthy cat food and I really appreciate it. Sorry for the long post.

    • Taryn DeNovo July 7, 2016 at 2:27 am #

      My sister’s vet always says to avoid BB because she has a blue Pitt with allergies. BBC is very bad about changing formulas without warning and apparently that’s what causes a lot of bad reactions.

  11. levin May 5, 2016 at 10:08 am #

    i believe halo recently had a recall of their dry food – november 2015. i cannot be 100% certain, but i am fairly sure their beef/chicken spots stew food got my cat sick. he was quite healthy before. just want to let others know.

    • Taryn DeNovo July 7, 2016 at 2:34 am #

      One voluntary recall in 20 years isn’t bad. I am curious though, what were your kitty’s symptoms? Were they urinary, digestive, or thyroid related? (nutritional deficiencies, excess vitamins and crystal causing solids, allergies, hyperthyroid from BPAs, or simply the food being new to his diet are just part of what could be the problem–some of those would be Halo’s fault, others not so much) I’m miffed at them right now for their refusal to change their BPA linings.

  12. Rochelle Massey May 6, 2016 at 9:29 pm #

    My cat has IBS what is a good over the counter cat food that I can buy her she vomits and gets diarrhea. She is 12 years old . Is there something I can get in a wet & dry cat food at Petsmart or Petco?

    • Bonnette Magallanes May 7, 2016 at 9:19 pm #

      Rachelle, I had a cat that had IBS too. All Purina brand gave him diarrhea, period. Dry food, there is Fromm, Nulo, and Farmina that are very good. Fromm and Nulo have real small kibbles, and Farmina’s are a little larger. Farmina is a little pricey. If your cat likes pate canned food, then I would try the canned food too. Farmina doesn’t make canned food. In my opinion, SD is the worst food you can feed your cat along with Purina. If your cat likes chunky cat food there is a lot to choose from in the pet stores. Just be sure to read the labels to make sure there is no Carrageenan in the ingredients. I hope this helps you. If you can look at and call these foods up they list all the ingredients. Gravy is a culprit that can give cats diarrhea too.

    • Taryn DeNovo July 7, 2016 at 2:51 am #

      IBS is a very generic term–like common cold or ganglion cyst. The only way to know for sure what works and doesn’t work is to try it–with your vets supervision of course. A cat’s digestive tract is much shorter than ours, but I’m going to refer to humans…just to draw a picture. They have a small and large intestine, just like us, and humans may have an upper or lower GI issue. One requires fiber while fiber makes the other worse…in many cases. If the GI problem is caused by celiac disease, we may have another problem entirely (where certain types of fiber are great, gluten may send you running for the loo thinking fiber hates you after all, until you discover the real culprit).

      Try different types of food to see what works. Alternate wet with dry or freeze dried, try different brands or try a limited ingredient food. Pay attention to ingredients in both the foods that make her sick and those that don’t and make a flow chart to find the culprit. Try sensitive formulas, those with less fat, or more fat–same with protein and grains vs grain free. Go very slowly of course. This many changes made too abruptly could make her sicker.

  13. LilacSerenity May 10, 2016 at 1:04 pm #

    Liz, I’ve always referred to your site for the best and healthiest choices out there whenever I needed to switch my girls’ food. You’ve done a hell of a job to make life easier for the rest of us. And i’ve always trusted your recommendations. That’s why I’m so disappointed in your choice of Ziwipeak as a first place, but more importantly with absolutely no notes about its negatives. Let’s not even mention that Ziwipeak switch from carrageenan to agar-agar, which is essentially the same thing (or so many believe); but you completely ignored that most ZP flavors contain “tetrasodium pyrophosphate”, which is a rust stain remover used in cleaning products and is very toxic to cats!!! And whichever flavors don’t have it (i think venison and beef) contain D2 supplement, which you mentioned as a negative for other brands but completely ignored for Ziwipeak!
    What’s even more upsetting is that Ziwipeak is considered one of the highest quality brands and everybody and their mother recommend it. I guess people should read the ingredients more carefully instead of just trusting the brand name. :((( #trustnoone

    P.S. By the way, Hound & Gatos, as well as FirstMate, contain “dicalcium phosphate”, which is toxic to body as well.

  14. Linda May 20, 2016 at 6:30 am #

    I’m in this circle now of trying to feed my cats healthier wet food, but can’t do the extremely high prices of some. I’ve tried a few, Red Barn, Wild Calling, Nature’s Variety, that were somewhat reasonable pricing. I just can’t seem to find one that they like. I know many of you have been here and done this. Does anyone have any suggestions of a brand that eventually went over well with your cats?

    • geo55 May 20, 2016 at 8:48 am #

      My Fancy Feast lovers, like Impulse by Halo (Quail), which was a pleasant surprise. They also like Halo Spots Pate Chicken and Wellness Core, chicken/turkey w/ the Copper label. I’ve tried almost every food on Liz’s list, and most get rejected!

      • Linda May 20, 2016 at 9:05 am #

        That is exactly where I’m at, I keep having to go back to the Fancy Feast. So this is very helpful. My husband keeps telling me that they will eventually eat it if that’s their only choice. Obviously, he doesn’t know cats! LOL I will try these that you’ve mentioned – thanks!

        • geo55 May 20, 2016 at 4:11 pm #

          Yes, I heard that cats will starve themselves to death rather than eat undesirable food. It’s very difficult when you have finicky ones. And once they get a taste of that Fancy Feast with its artificial flavors, it can become very difficult to get them to eat anything else. Btw, I only get them the “Classic” varieties, as those are better- lower in carbohydrates and free of grains and glutens. Perhaps try Primal freeze dried raw Chicken and Salmon. I add a little hot water and sprinkle that on top of their Fancy Feast or other wet food to make it healthier.
          I only purchase a case of something once I know they’ll eat the food. So I try different brands from local stores. They used to like Life’s Abundance- a good canned food- but they soon stopped eating it and I had a lot of pricey cans leftover. We have a couple of feral cats we feed, so often they wind up eating better quality foods than my indoor babies!

        • Taryn DeNovo July 7, 2016 at 2:57 am #

          What flavor fancy feast did you use? You can try using a similar flavor in the new brand. You can also try mixing some of the new with the old variety until they are weaned off! My cat loves salmon and while fish is addictive and not great for them if it’s the only flavor they eat, it’s always easier to transition my kitty if I first introduce him the the salmon/fish flavored variety of a new food before proceeding with any other protein. From there I’ll taper down until fish is a rotational meal rather than an every day insulgence!

    • LilacSerenity May 20, 2016 at 9:35 am #

      Linda, unfortunately, “healthier” food will always be expensive 🙁 I’ve just done extensive research myself, and overhauled the whole rotation for my 2 cats weaning them off fish flavors completely. I still couldn’t find the best wet food with the best ingredients – there were always a few iffy ingredients even from the best brands – so i compromised and picked the lesser of evils. I now rotate Weruva’s “Cats in the kitchen” turkey flavor (“Fowl Ball”), Impulse by Halo rabbit flavor and quail flavors, and Wellness “Morsels” pouches turkey/duck flavor. All of them cost around the same per ounce at Chewy’s (definitely not more expensive than Wild Calling). I also tried to include “Cats in the kitchen” chicken flavor (“Chicken frick ‘a zee”) but my ladies said “no”. They hate shredded chicken breast – the strings are too long for them to comfortably eat, i guess. But yours might like it. I also tried Nature’s Variety a few years ago, but my cats wouldn’t even go near it – they could probably smell the clay in it. But they seem to be happy with the current choices. They’re a bit finicky about weruva one (again, probably cause of the shredded texture) but they still eat it, and they seem to love Impulse and Wellness Morsels.
      I hope this helps you. I know how you feel, i’ve been there just a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been doing research for nearly 3 weeks, and probably could tell you all the positives and negatives about any brand/ingredients, so don’t hesitate to ask.

      • Linda May 20, 2016 at 9:51 am #

        Thank you so much, I’m glad I posted this question. Another question – are you purchasing individual cans at Chewy to determine they’re likings? I have gone the route of a case to get the best price, but I think that is a mistake until I can find something that suits them. My kitten seems to be a little less picky recently, but my 2 yr Siamese has gotten worse – I have a 10 yr old that will just about it anything so that helps. It really surprises me at all the brands that are out there, but maybe only a few are sold in stores. This issue would be much easier if we could find and buy single cans to test.

        • LilacSerenity May 21, 2016 at 6:20 pm #

          Linda, to my knowledge, you cannot purchase individual cans at Chewy – that’s their only downside. They sell by case, which is better and cheaper, as long as you know what to buy. They offer free shipping too if your order is over $49, which is what a couple of cases of canned food comes down to anyway. Now, when I change my rotation or want to add a new food to it, I usually go to Petco or my local pet store to buy only a couple of cans for my cats to try. The problem with this is the supply is super limited and expensive too- most quality brands are not even sold at the stores for some reason. Like, for example, Petco doesn’t carry Weruva, Tiki Cat, Ziwipeak, Wild Calling, etc. Last time I checked, they didn’t even have Nature’s Variety Limited Ingredient. I could only buy Halo Impulse there to try. My local Pet store did carry Weruva and Tiki Cat, but only very limited flavors. So I had no choice but to order whole cases to try out. And of course, my picky princesses didn’t like it. God bless Chewy for their customer service. They never ask questions and just give you a full refund right away (no “5-7 business days” nonsense!). They don’t even tell you to send the food back, just ask you to donate it to a local shelter, which tells me a lot about the company. Although I always feel conscious ordering multiple cases of different flavors just to try them, sometimes there’s no choice – and Chewy always has my back. I cannot recommend them enough.

          • Kaye May 22, 2016 at 10:48 am #

            Only Natural Pet has great food. You can buy individual cans to try from a number of different companies. They also have a number of variety packs to try.


  15. Jerilin May 25, 2016 at 11:48 am #

    How does everyone feel about Against the Grain Chicken Club (chicken with cheese) cat food. I thought it had a clean ingredient list apart from xanthum gum which I don’t prefer gums but will put up with one in a food if I have to.

    Also Petcurrean Go! canned.. (Specifically the duck shine and sensitivity) Clean ingredients? Did your cast like? How do you feel about the brand?

    • Ammy May 30, 2016 at 11:27 am #

      A little expensive for what it is, to be honest. $26 for 24 cans of under 3oz? That’s pretty steep. Ingredient wise, I’d put it upper middle tier, in my opinion. Especially with that Dicalcium Phosphate added in there, the water used for processing (I feel that broths are more nutritious personally), not to mention average quality vits and mins. I’d buy it as a treat since I like 3oz size for treats with my 2 boy cats, but again, pricey for what it is.

      • EffieA. June 1, 2016 at 1:22 pm #

        I have the Go! Shine duck and my cat loves it, it is a pate style and has some liquid (not a lot) but still very moist and wet and fulfilling for my wedgie (who needs lots of food to sustain his size), also love that it maintains his beautiful blue coat (very shiny shimmery and soft). I use this one often in his varieties rotations although seems pricey but it does fillfull my cat hunger

        • EffieA June 1, 2016 at 1:32 pm #

          Forgot to mention I buy the large sized go shine duck ones so it averages around 50 something dollars however you can get some discounts by doing autoship with (can always cancel later or push date up). I do this as mentioned before my wedgie can eat a lot (he is over 30 inches long and all lean muscle), so I get the 5.5 oz and divide it into two separate feeding (morning and evening) and get half of another can (lotus turkey or pork) and feed him that at night (on average he eats 8-9oz a day or if really active- up to 11 oz). But save some money, you can go with the smaller size ones

  16. Nicole Kearsley May 27, 2016 at 7:49 pm #

    Love love love Nature’s Variety Instinct Ultimate Protein Chicken that is newly released. My 4 fussy cats inhaled this food in less than 60 seconds. I haven’t been able to buy it in any stores but ordered it online. I agree that provides best and most careful packaging, handling & transport of food.

  17. Lori Matthews May 30, 2016 at 5:26 am #

    I was wondering if you have looked at Fussie Cat GOLD label cat food?

    • Katie July 24, 2016 at 7:19 am #

      You just need to read the ingredients of Fussie Cat. It contains Tapioca Starch as the 3rd ingredient after the protein and water, and there is also Fructooligosaccharide (a fructose based sugar), and locust bean gum.

  18. Nick May 31, 2016 at 12:48 pm #

    I had previously brought up Earthborn Holistic a few months back. I emailed them recently regarding a few things (BPA in cans, carrageenan and guar gum in a couple of their cans. Turns out, the cans are BPA free, and they do not use carrageenan in any recipe. My cat loves the flavors we have tried thus far:

    Nick, Thank you for your interest in our Earthborn Holistic Pet Products. After reviewing our supplier information, Bisphenol A (BPA) is not a component used in the manufacturing of raw materials for our packaging. Therefore, we can confirm that the packaging for our Earthborn Holistic pet food is BPA free.

    We currently do not have carrageenan in any of our canned cat formulas. At this time, I have not been informed of any other changes to our formulas. However, we are always striving to meet or exceed our customers expectations so I will forward your suggestion on.

    • Linda June 6, 2016 at 4:42 pm #

      Nick, would you mind sharing the flavors your cat likes.

    • Cindy June 13, 2016 at 11:35 pm #

      My picky cats love Earthborn Holistic too!!!! I give them 3 chooses; Chicken, chicken+liver, Mackerel+Shrimp. They poo less means they observed more and less waste came out!!
      I even try some by myself, that’s REAL food!! You can see the chicken and fish and shrimp, the best!!!!

  19. Hailey June 4, 2016 at 11:24 am #

    Hi love this blog but the instinct food is ok even tho it has tapicoa in it? I was afraid it had too much sugar. And is Simply Nourish or victor a good brand? Plz any advice on this is apprecaited!

    • Effie A. June 4, 2016 at 2:11 pm #

      May I ask do you mean nature variety? Wet or dry food? I checked the wet Canned nature variety limited ingredients and didn’t see tapioca and checked what I have on hand now, rabbit (sources from France and Italy) and didn’t have it either. In terms of the other brand you mentioned, sorry haven’t heard of it and hope someone helps you out there

  20. Ammy June 4, 2016 at 12:11 pm #

    I’m so happy to see more and more people looking into ingredients for their family. (A NaturalNews Special Report by Dr. Lisa Newman and Mike Adams) – I have used the above as a reference for ingredients since my oldest cat was a baby (4-wo!). It’s shocking and downright offensive to see some high-priced brands putting filth into their product. Or good brands that ruin a perfectly good recipe with a nasty ingredient. Talking to you there Nature’s Variety and some Wellness! We give these companies our money, so should we not expect good solid nutrition for our family? But it seems more of us are having to wade through all these brands and ingredients.

    I’ve used dogfoodadvisor as well, although take into account dog food and ingredients requirements are different. Always found the latter less critical over ingredients IMO.

    Can also recommend the Cat Food – Nutritional Composition chart by Dr Lisa A. Pierson (DVM) even it’s a few years old. Interesting reads to all concerned by what we are feeding out little ones. E.g. High fat levels or mystery high carbs in others. Some brands also have great ingredients in one line, and not-so-great in another so this makes it even tougher to find but don’t give up!

    Along with this website, these are my go-to when shopping. I’m always happy to find ways on how best to feed my boys and little kitty colony! :} Hope this website keeps getting updated — I always have it open when I’m in search of a new brand!

    • LilacSerenity June 6, 2016 at 4:06 pm #

      Ammy, well said, couldn’t agree with you more! We want the best for our kitties but we are not chemists or even nutritionists, so it’s hard to read a label, and we are forced to rely on a good brand name. I too have recently discovered the Natural News Report website, and now always check with their ingredients list. It truly is a shame when an otherwise awesome recipe has that one or two party poopers! Can you share what kind of wet food you prefer?

  21. Hannah Welsh June 6, 2016 at 10:35 am #

    What are your thoughts on Fromm Four Star canned food? I have been feeding my cat that for about 6 months now, but due to an issue at the canning facility they use, they are out of stock everywhere. I at least have to find something else to feed her in the mean time, and I am considering the TikiCat gourmet Carnivore chicken with duck bc that’s the flavor she liked with fromm. I noticed you had a couple Tiki Cat varieties in first place but a different variety than what I was looking at. Any help would be appreciated!

    • EffieA. June 6, 2016 at 11:33 am #

      I notice that Fromm brand looks very similar to the addiction brand, yet I can’t tell you if they are under the same company. Addiction is on the list as being a good one to try and tiki is as well (I think as long as doesn’t have fish in it- would be okay). I really couldn’t try tiki due to chicken or fish being most in their varieties (my cat is allergic to this and fish), however I heard others love it but the only complaint for some that it is more shredded type and has more liquid rather meat leaving their fur babies hungry- so they have to give them more versus other brands that are pate or more meaty. So I guess depends on your cat’s appetite and texture preference, you can give it a try 🙂

      • Hannah Welsh June 6, 2016 at 11:47 am #

        Thank you for the feedback! She is used to eating a pate so that is something to consider… I never hear anything about fromm on any of the blogs or message boards I’ve seen, so it made me start to question if it’s actually a good brand.. but I thinks it’s a pretty small family company. It’s so difficult to choose!

    • LilacSerenity June 6, 2016 at 1:01 pm #

      I’ve never tried Fromm before, so I can’t comment if it’s similar to Tiki. However, I recently tried Tiki’s new line “Gourmet Carnivore” – I was so excited they finally came out with more meaty flavors! And the ingredients listed on their website, as well as Chewy’s, were absolutely amazing. I got duck/chicken and turkey/chicken flavors, as well as tilapia. Thank god i checked the actual can label when I got them. I was appalled! Talk about bait and switch! Not only the ingredients listed were a cheaper version of a chemical composition than a better one listed on the website (example: a more dangerous copper sulphate pentahydrate instead of a promised “copper amino acid chelate” (a better source of copper); or iron sulphate (used in fertilizer) instead of “iron amino acid chelate”; and a nice looking “vitamin B12 supplement” is really a cyanocobalamin – and the list goes on). But more importantly, it contains dextrose anhydrous, which is not even disclosed in the list of ingredients in any form on their website!!!! I am NOT giving my cats sugar (that feeds cancer). Chewy refunded me right away, but needless to say, I don’t trust TikiCat anymore.

      • Hannah Welsh June 6, 2016 at 2:38 pm #

        Wow!! That is appalling! Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I definitely won’t be ordering from them… if you don’t mind me asking, what do you feed your cat?

        • LilacSerenity June 6, 2016 at 4:27 pm #

          After weeks of non-stop research and panic, I discovered that there’s no miracle brand/recipe with perfect ingredients, unfortunately. So I picked a few of the “lesser evils” with different “iffy” ingredients, so that they don’t accumulate or concentrate but kind of spread out, if that makes any sense. Anyway, one of my kitties has a chicken allergy and hyperthyroidism, so i picked the flavors with that in mind. Right now I rotate Weruva’s “Cats in the Kitchen” turkey flavor (called “Fowl Ball”), Impulse by Halo – rabbit and quail flavors, and Wellness Morsels pouches in turkey/duck flavor. None of them are perfect, but I’m up against the wall. I would prefer cleaner ingredients, no guar gum, no agar agar, no potato starch, but i literally dissected each and every flavor of each and every brand, and those were the best I could come up with. Everything else contains something worse, like carrageenan, synthetic K, BPA in lining, dicalcium phospate, calcium sulfate – you name it! If you have any suggestions, please share, I so welcome it! 🙂

          P.S. And speaking of calcium sulfate (used in plaster), it’s also one of the ingredients in Fromm food!

      • Jerilin June 9, 2016 at 9:44 am #

        I have emailed Tiki Cat since my cats eat almost everyone of their flavors. (the fish ones as treats) and we have been receiving the older formulation from Chewy. They changed their vitamin premix to exclude the dextrose and the iron sulfate and copper sulfate pentahydrate were replaced with amino acid chelates. Cyanocobalamin is still the b12 supplement. Here is what she said:
        “The website has the updated premix formula, so the Iron and Copper Amino Acid Chelate is in the current mix. I believe Cyanocobalamin is the current supplement for Vitamin B12, but I will double check and send an update.”

        and also..
        “Good morning Jerilin,

        Our website shows the most updated formula, which excludes dextrose. This was removed from the diets when the vitamin/mineral premix was updated, but you may have received batches before this change occurred. Cyanocobalamin is a Vitamin B12 supplement. Our website reflects the latest production run for that item.”

        My cats love every Tiki Cat flavor and they’re continually working to improve their formulations. The black specs sometimes seen in the koolina luoa and puka puka aren’t mold or anything its just an after effect of one of the vitamins or ingredients so don’t worry about it.

        Hope that helps.

        Is the Morsels line from Wellness replacing the Healthy Indulgence? The Healthy Indulgence pouches seem to be being discontinued?

        • LilacSerenity June 9, 2016 at 1:32 pm #

          Jerilin, thank you! This does help a lot! I don’t buy Tiki’s fish flavors anymore, because I think their classic line contains way too many hard bones and scales, but I always thought the black specks were from the fish skin, lol.
          I don’t know about Wellness replacing the Healthy Indulgence with Morsels though. Right now there’s plenty of both on Chewy, and up to a couple of months ago Healthy Indulgence pouches, turkey/chicken and chicken/liver flavors, were a part of my rotation. However, lately, the chicken/liver flavor was 80% carrots, 20% meat, and my cats grew cold to turkey/chicken one, so I thought it was time for a change. Morsels formula ingredients are similar, but I like the look of it much better. The pieces of meat are big and soft, easy to mash up, which I always do (my brats are spoiled:) ), carrots are in reasonable proportion, gravy is thick. I wish the ingredients were healthier, with less starch, but I only get one flavor, turkey/duck, just to diversify my rotation.

          • Jerilin June 10, 2016 at 8:57 am #

            My cats like pretty much all the fish flavors but if you like more like shredded fish that isn’t literally fish pieces go with the wild salmon one, wild salmon and chicken one or Manana Grill. These are also the best fish choices for urinary tract health and high levels of phosphorus and magnesium concerns for kidney and urinary health if that’s somethingood that concerns you. Here’s a really helpful chart on their website:
            So the Tiki Cat flavors I regularly buy are:
            Puka Puka chicken
            Koolina chicken with egg
            Gourmet carnivore chicken with turkey
            Gourmet Carnivore chicken with Duck
            Hanalei Luau Wild Salmon
            Napili Luau Wild Salmon and Chicken
            Manana Grill Ahi Tuna with Tiger Prawns , which does have some bigger chunks but I can mash them up)

            Also Papeeko and the gourmet carnivore tilapia as well as maybe a few others have acceptable mag, phos and ash for urinary/kidney health as well. (I try to stay at or under 2% ash, at or under 0.3% phosphorus and at or under 0.03% Magnesium)

      • Jerilin June 9, 2016 at 10:27 am #

        The Gourmet Carnivore cans I was feeding that had the old formulation were from Chewy but they were ones I had picked up from my apartment that I had bought like a year ago. So is that what happened with you? They weren’t newly bought cans? If yours were recently purchased I may have to try Petflow to get my tiki cat.
        The representative said the formulation change happened at the end of 2014 and the cans have a shelf life of 3 years.

        • LilacSerenity June 9, 2016 at 1:14 pm #

          I was under the impression that the Gourmet Carnivore line just recently came out. When I was feeding my cats Tiki a couple of years ago, I did not see this line, only the regular “Gourmet Whole Food” line. Either way, my incident happened just now, I bought the Gourmet Carnivore like a month ago from Chewy, so if the formulation change happened at the end of 2014, it’s more than enough time for me to receive an updated formula, especially with Chewy’s turnover. I trust Chewy though, and when I called them about this issue, they said they’d investigate and at least update the ingredient list on their website.

  22. Colleen June 6, 2016 at 12:05 pm #

    I really need some help, please! I have a 14 yo male who is not eating much at all lately. He starts to eat well for 5-8 minutes and then not much after that. I feel lucky if he eats 2-3 oz per day, and he is very thin. He has been eating Nature’s Variety Instinct LID turkey for about 2 yrs now (primarily wet, sometimes dry). I think I need a higher calorie food though, since he eats so little. I am very worried and at my wit’s end. Does anyone have advice? He had blood work last week. Thyroid was high but not hyper yet, and his kidneys may be having trouble (it was hard to tell because he was also dehydrated). I just want to help him! Thanks.

    • Jerilin June 6, 2016 at 12:25 pm #

      What is his pee and poo like? Are you sure he doesn’t have crystals or a urinary blockage? My cat who was recently blocked turned toxic with increased kidney function and dehydration. His electrolytes were way out of balance. Sounds like what you described. What dry do you feed him? If he is borderline thyroid drop feeding fish immediately. Feeding fish can exastrabate or make thyroid issues worse. If you offer him cooked chicken does he eat it all or just pick or lick at it and walk away? Try offering him chicken varieties only weruva or tiki cat with the broth in the can. If crystals or a urinary blockage are ruled out by a urine sample from a vet and closely watching your cat go the bathroom I would try the chicken I mentioned or a fattier food such as Wild Calling Magic Meadow and Trot n Tommy. The best of luck.

      • Bonnie June 6, 2016 at 3:52 pm #

        I just bought Wild Calling which my cat always eats. It felt gritty so I took a magnifying glass and could see little tiny white ground up pieces that looked like bone. I took a piece out and tried to break it with my nails but was too hard to mash. The pieces were so small like a dot but should not have been in the food. This was the can that said “cabin fever” with chicken. As the main ingredient. I took back to the pet store and got a refund

    • Jerilin June 6, 2016 at 12:36 pm #

      Not eating can be pretty bad especially if the cat ate well before and isn’t a particularly picky cat. Best to take him to the vet and rule out urethral plug, kidney disease, struvite crystals or an infection of the bladder or urinary tract. If you do feed him dry only feed urinary formulations such as Royal Canin SO or Hill’s c/d. The natural dry foods have heavily caused crystals and blockages in my cats. If you can afford it wet and raw are best. I have 5 cats though. Hope you get some answers. Watch him go the bathroom and get back to me-good luck with your poor peanut.

    • Effie A. June 6, 2016 at 12:42 pm #

      I’m sorry, have you tried maybe sprinkling some fortiflora or maybe putting a little tuna juice as that entices the cat to eat a little more? Normally some cats that don’t eat all at one sitting, best to spread his feeding to multiples- like feeding him in the morning, evening, and night time to up his caloric intake and then maintain it. I would stop on the dry food as it will dehydrate him and offer very little moisture while making him feel full faster, he needs more or all wet food. Maybe try a variety of meats or other brands as some cats don’t like to eat the same over and over. I notice my cat loves the nature variety rabbit and it is more dense or heavy and I cut that several feeding (5.5 oz can), duck is a bit heavier too. Has the vet offered any other advice or assistance or more tests? Dr Pierson and mercola both have different advice on their website or blogs. Maybe also look into finding a holistic vet or second opinion traditional vet around your area to further assist you if needed. Sometimes, some people have cooked their own meats avoiding salt and garlic etc, to help get their pet to eat more, I’m sure there are some videos on that on YouTube hopefully. Wishing the best for your cat

    • LilacSerenity June 6, 2016 at 1:25 pm #

      I agree with Jerilin, it very well may be a blockage – Nature’s Variety is notorious for causing it because of its montmorillonite clay ingredient. I would switch him off Nature’s Variety completely. Also, stop feeding dry food at all, at least for now – it makes dehydration worse. I also read that besides fish, BPA in can lining might be a cause of hyperthyroidism in cats – something to keep in mind. Also, avoid food with high dosages of iodine (like sometimes ingredients may include not only a required by AAFCO standard amount of iodine, but a couple of other sources, like kelp). I would never feed my cats anything from Royal Caning or Hill’s, however. Sometimes, when my cats are becoming finicky or just not in the mood and tired of their regular rotation, i buy them fresh turkey deli meat, like the Boar’s Head type. Obviously, not smoked or peppered or whatever else seasonings they offer, but the plain fresh kind (it’s not too salty). I put it on top of their food or just give it by itself, they love it. Try it with yours, right now it’s important to get him to eat something. I really hope he gets better soon! Keep us posted…

      • Effie A. June 6, 2016 at 1:41 pm #

        I would feed the boar head very sparingly or rarely if not at all as it is still processed meat and has nitrates. I was on the fence on montmorillonite clay, but after several studies, it was found to be very nutritional and is given at very low dosages (one study I believe is from Texas A&M). It actually doesn’t cause blockage and if anything only constipation for a small percentage of cats, while most were found to do very well and more studies are still being done. But it appears to help cats remove toxins and thrive. It helped my cat combat his first and last ever uti as well as transition to all wet diet (now he has different brands in rotation). There still remains a consensus on dry food being more the issue though, yet little is being pushed to get cats off it.

        • Colleen June 6, 2016 at 2:53 pm #

          Thank you, everyone! And if anyone has additional comments, I welcome them. He is peeing and pooping (just pooping less because he is eating less). I don’t think he has a blockage because he does not appear to have trouble in the litter box. The vet’s first step was to try an antibiotic in case there is an infection of some sort. He is nearly done with that, but I don’t see his appetite improving. To counteract the antibiotic, I should give him a probiotic. Does anyone else have experience with Fortiflora? I have a innate distrust of Purina but think it could help, especially because it also makes the food more attractive. I will also try a few different foods/meats. I plan to call the vet tomorrow to discuss his blood test again– I was too stressed at the office to discuss it with understanding. I just hate not understanding what is going on! And I don’t feed much dry food at all, but can avoid it altogether.

          • Paula June 15, 2016 at 7:07 pm #

            Cats must smell the food to become hungry. If food is left out, sometimes they become immune to the aroma and lose their appetite. You might try warming the food just a little to release the aroma. Also, pick up the food and put it away when he is done so that he can’t smell it. My vet, when one of our rescues lost her appetite because of kidney disease, advised me to get a strong smelling fish – tuna, sardines, etc. – for her smell to I jump start her appetite. Good luck with your baby!

      • Jerilin June 6, 2016 at 2:42 pm #

        I’m not feeding Royal Canin SO by choice. One of my male cats got a complete blockage from Nature’s Variety dry, Orijen dry and From dry. They were only getting 40% of their daily intake dry with the rest 60% being wet and he still got blocked. The vet prescribed urinary foods. Hills and Royal Canin are the only options for that. I of course took the wet food option but he wouldn’t touch any of the varieties with a ten foot spoon so out of desperation I’m giving him the Royal Canin SO dry in combination with wet with glucosamine caps sprinkled on top. I’m hoping to transition him off of it in a few months time. The issue with dry is water water water breaks up crystals and makes the urine less concentrated. Dry doesn’t offer that. Also in dry the mineral content (the magnesium, phosphorus and calcium) if those values are too high contribute to crystals and blockages. Also the ph of the pee that the dry food causes the cat to produce is the main issue. Cats pee ph should be between 6 and 6.5. You can use beaded cat litter to more easily check the pH with test strips or dipsticks. If the pH is too high DL-Methionine will bring it down. (Which is the ingredient in Wysong ph- and the urinary prescription foods) So while the corn, carbs, by productsome and chicken meal in Hill’s C/D and Royal Canin are undesirable they will work and remain the only mostly guarantee crystal/blockage free dry option available at this time. Science Diet Optimal Care is said to be formulated with the right ph and mineral content to keep crystals away despite not including the urine acidifier DL-Methionine.

        If you don’t have a reason to feed the prescription food such as a cat that had a complete blockage and still has some crystals to break up that won’t eat the wet then don’t feed dry at all. Feed canned and raw. If you can’t afford the best canned Fancy Feast classic pate or Friskies classic pate is still better than the fancy “natural dry” foods. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

        • Colleen June 6, 2016 at 2:58 pm #

          Awesome tip about checking the pH. Where did you get the strips? If the pH is high, is that a good first indication of crystals or another urinary or kidney problem?

          • EffieA. June 6, 2016 at 4:27 pm #

            I have tried fortiflora and I agree I don’t trust purina, but I just decided to say it was just sort term and that is it, it actually helped my cat fully transition to wet food immediately (like in less than a week) after three to four months trying. Now I know there are alternatives:

            Some even said yogurt, never tried that though

            I saw those ph balance strips sold at and Amazon

          • EffieA. June 6, 2016 at 4:30 pm #

            I don’t know why it said Walmart as mistyped but meant and it breaks down the information for you as well

          • Colleen June 6, 2016 at 5:48 pm #

            EffieA, thank you for the probiotic link. I think I will try Fortiflora first, since I need the help to stimulate his desire to eat right now.

          • geo55 June 6, 2016 at 6:28 pm #

            I’ve given FortiFlora to my cats for several years. They seem to really like the small/flavor it adds. However, I recently discovered some disturbing info about it and am looking for a different probiotic that they will like. See: Sadly, it’s a minefield out there… As with food, I have to be very careful that the supplements I give are ones that they will actually consume! < So finicky are my felines!

          • EffieA. June 8, 2016 at 10:03 am #

            Agreed, that is why I was so on the fence because purina and the animal digest, but when transitioning and after being so frustrated and hopeless when my cat was in pain from his uti and not eating much and losing weight, it did become a savior (I stopped giving it to him after he recovered). Apparently, companies knew dry food was unappetizing so they added animal digest to entice and trick the furries to liking and then become addicted, which makes it harder for them transition to foods that are obviously better. So I used the same trick and added it to the wet food so Stoney palate can change to liking wet food and then eventually without the fortiflora, he fell in love with his wet rotations (I give him different brands and meat varieties). As you said it is hard finding the best probiotics And luckily Stoney doesn’t have digestive issues due to his wet food, but I heard some can try organic pumpkin purée, or even yogurt (can’t attest to them as never try them)

          • Jerilin June 8, 2016 at 11:55 am #

            I don’t know if the probiotic I use would stimulate the appetite because it doesn’t have the animal digest in it but if you’re just looking for a great probiotic I really recommend Wholistic Pet Organics Digest All+ I got mine on Amazon I think.

          • geo55 June 9, 2016 at 10:13 am #

            I started giving my cats Young Again, Immune & Digestive Support Supplement:—digestive-support-supplement.html. Another option to consider.

          • Jerilin June 8, 2016 at 12:02 pm #

            I got the pH strips from They are the solid gold ones. They’re also on Amazon. I also got hydrophobic sand litter to obtain the sample also from Amazon because the pee soaks into precious cat litter too much.

            My uti struvite crystal cat has been on Royal Canin SO for a few days now and it caused severe diarrhea here this morning and he’s not peeing great so I’m trying Dave’s restricted diet on chewy for mag and phosphorus and then feeding him plain chicken tiki and weruva canned cat food and just going to adjust his pH with wysong ph- and GNC pets urinary support cat gel (got at petsmart) Never ever feeding any type of dry to my cats ever again. With 5 cats that’s so frustrating but that’s how it’s going to have to be I guess.

    • Katie July 17, 2016 at 7:41 am #

      Hi Colleen, I hope you’ve found a solution to your problem by now, but just in case you haven’t, I thought I’d tell you about how I figured out my 6 y.o. kitty’s finicky issues. She was my late sister’s cat and never ate well, is VERY picky, super thin, and I was lucky if she ate 2-3 oz a day, just like your kitty. The vet couldn’t find anything wrong except slightly elevated kidney levels which she said weren’t high enough to worry about and that we would recheck in a few months. After much research, I found Tanya’s Kidney Cats website and read about different supplements that are important for a CKD cat’s diet, especially the B vitamins. I decided to try adding some supplements and see what happened with her appetite. After much trial and error, I found some supplements that not only improved her appetite by quite a lot (she now begs for food at mealtimes!), but also (knock on wood) seems to have reversed her kidney results in the recent labs. However, she did show a slight bit of blood in her urine, so we are keeping watch on that.

      It was a big hassle to get my super finicky cat to take supplements, but after trial and error I found that she likes Vetriscience Renal Essentials chewable tablets, which I roll across the floor and she chases and eats them! I give her one pill 2x/day. What’s great about these is that they contain many of the supplements and herbs that Tanya’s website mentions. In the beginning, when she occasionally had days when she wouldn’t eat the supplement, I would wet the pill and roll it in some crushed up Stella and Chewy’s freeze dried food, which worked.

      Another supplement I give her is one 500 mcg Vitacost Vitamin B-12 Methylcobalamin supplement per day, because I didn’t feel that the Renal Essentials had enough Methylcobalamin B-12 in it’s formulation. Then I added Dr Mercola’s Krill Oil for Pets and Dr Goodpet Feline Digestive Enzymes w/Lactobacillus Acidophulus to help with her hairballs. Because of the slight blood in her urine, and also to help with her hairballs, I recently added Licks Urinary Tract Care gel.

      Here is how I got her to take these additional supplements, since she absolutely wouldn’t take them in her regular food. First, I throw her the Renal Essentials supplement, which she loves to chase and eat. Then, I give her a can of Life’s Abundance Instinctive Choice, which she nibbles on a bit. After she has left that food, in a different dish, I mix together about 15 pellets of Stella & Chewy’s freeze dried chicken or turkey food, with the contents of one Vitacost Vitamin B-12 Methylcobalamin pill and 1/4 tsp of the Dr Goodpet Digestive Enzyme/Probiotic powder so that everything is well combined. Then, I put two pumps of the Dr Mercola’s Krill Oil for Pets, and a half packet of Licks Urinary Tract gel into a small glass and mix very well with very warm water, then pour it over the Stella and Chewy’s food. It should be enough water to hydrate the pellets and form a little gravy. Then I slightly break up the Stella & Chewy’s pellets into the gravy, let it sit a minute, and serve. She goes absolutely bananas for the Stella & Chewy’s food, so she eats it all up, supplements and all.

      In the evening, I just give her one Renal Essentials pill and then a can of food. The only other canned food she really likes is (of all things) Koha Wild Kangaroo Entree. But once in a while I can get her to eat a little, but not all, of a can of Tiki Cat Puka Puka Luau or Koolina Luau, or Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Fowl Ball. I keep trying for other flavors of foods so that she doesn’t get stuck on one food forever, as I worry about a food being discontinued or change of formula. I wish I could get her to eat non-freeze dried raw food, but I’m lucky I can get her to eat what I’ve gotten her to eat.

      She doesn’t usually eat ALL of the canned food I give her, but as long as she eats some of it, and all of the Stella & Chewy’s, and her labs turn out well, I feel like she’s safe.

      • Katie July 17, 2016 at 7:52 am #

        One other thing I forgot to mention is that I ignore all the advice online and I do leave the wet food out for her all day and night, because I find that she frequently goes back to it. I know there is some advice out there to take up food after some time has passed, but I feel that in my cat’s case, she wouldn’t get enough nutrition if I followed that advice.

        Oh and PS, for anyone trying to wean their cat off of dry food, Stella & Chewy’s is a godsend.

  23. Destiny June 13, 2016 at 1:14 pm #

    I have some concerns about Sojos Complete Cat food. According to the nutritional profile listed on the Sojos website, the cat food contains a whopping 39.7% carbs (! I’m brand new to the cat nutrition game, so perhaps there’s another, more important factor that I’m missing. Seems like Sojos could use a second look, though.

    • Liz June 19, 2016 at 2:25 pm #

      This is such a good question – one I should have addressed in this cat food list long ago! Thanks for bringing it up. The freeze-dried foods all *appear* to have a high carb count because the nutrient percentages show are calculated before adding water. For example, to calculate a carb percentage you subtract the other nutrient %’s, including moisture, and most canned food has about 80% moisture, whereas Sojos (without water added as instructed) is only about 10% moisture. Once the water is added, carb % goes down significantly. At some point I talked to a couple of the companies about this and confirmed that the carb percentages with water added are much more equivalent to other grain-free canned food carb-percentages. So as long as the freeze-dried food is grain-free, water is added, and it doesn’t have a lot of starchy content in the ingredients, the actual carb % has to be low. Having said that, Sojos does contain sweet potato so it may be higher in carbs than other grain-free cat foods. We will have to contact them to see if they can provide estimates for their carb %’s with water added.

  24. Cindy June 13, 2016 at 11:31 pm #

    Hi, wanna share my experience. My cats started to eat the “Earthborn Holistic” brand (Chicken, chicken and liver, Mackerel and Shrimp) for a couple of months. They are very picky eaters and finally this is the only brand that they would finish the bowl. And I notice that they Poo less than before I guess that is because the food that they eat got observed more so there is fewer waste to come out. So happy they finally find something they love. Thanks.

  25. Maricela Vargas June 18, 2016 at 5:30 pm #

    What do you guys think of Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate particularly in ZiwiPeak (Rabbit & Lamb). I recently made the switch but after reading a few comments on this, I’m nervous about feeding it to my kitty! Help!

    • LilacSerenity June 19, 2016 at 12:07 pm # states: “It’s a rust stain remover used in cleaning products (TSP)!!!! Why is it in food? Emulsification of rendered animal fats! Very toxic, causes nausea and diarrhea.”
      (Learn more:

      according to another report: “ANIMAL STUDIES: Tetrasodium pyrophosphate when added to the diets of rats in high concentrations it caused kidney damage. This chemical caused teratogenic effects in chicken embryos. Acute studies show that direct contact causes severe irritation and corneal injury in the rabbit eye and that it may be irritating to skin. This chemical can be considered moderately toxic on ingestion, inducing metabolic acidosis, and hypocalcemia.” (

      It’s an inorganic salt (a strong irritant a cause of hypersensitivity reactions) which toxicity is twice that of a regular table salt, not that cats need salt in their diet at all. Tetrasodium pyrophosphate is one of the reasons I don’t feed my cats Ziwipeak. Hope this helps you.

      • Maricela Vargas June 19, 2016 at 4:28 pm #

        I read the same thing and became very concerned since ZiwiPeak is recommend on this list! The article states that in high concentration it’s very toxic so I wonder what is considered a high concentration and if it’s even a concern in ZiwiPeak?

        • EffieA. June 19, 2016 at 7:01 pm #

          I also feed ziwipeak in my rotations and noticed it helped my cat thrive and did away with his allergies completely while I did read others, a few did say their cats suffered some diarrhea or minor upset stomach and nothing else major, every cat differ in their preference and adjustment to any dietary foods. However, I don’t exclusively stick to one brand but various when feeding a variety of wet food as we all learned there is no perfect item, i do ziwipeak lamb, venison, and beef while others are nature variety, lotus, go! Sensitively shine (duck). I did ask ziwipeak and here is the response back, which I felt was very detailed:

          In regards to Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate:

          ZiwiPeak canned foods are made from a very high meat & organ content recipe and don’t contain fillers, such as rice, grains or potatoes, that would help bind the meat & organs together during the canning process. TSPP is added to the canned recipes because it interacts with the meat proteins to help them to bind to fat and water so that the entire mixture holds together better. It also provides phosphorous which is an essential mineral in a cat’s diet. We have no evidence that it is toxic in the low inclusion rates that are in our formulations. In addition, the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) does not consider this ingredient as toxic, and therefore has no limitations or restrictions for including in pet food formulations.

          Any concern over toxicity is coming from test that was done on laboratory rats, where large amounts of TSPP was shown to cause kidney disease. It is important to note that rats are not carnivores, so they do not have the same nutritional needs or issues as dogs and cats. So there is not a direct correlation between any ingredient causing reactions in rats and the same thing occurring in dogs and cats.

          Although there is no scientifically documented evidence that this ingredient has the potential to be toxic to dogs and cats in the amounts included in our formulas, we care about the concerns of our customers and are actively looking for alternatives to TSPP as a binding agent in our canned products. Please feel free to reach out with questions, comments or concerns.

          If we do make changes to the formula in the future to remove TSPP, we will communicate the change through our website, Facebook page, other social media sites and through our retail partners.

          Please reach out if you have any further questions.

          Sharon Durham
          Administrative Assistant | ZiwiPeak USA

          • Maricela Vargas June 19, 2016 at 8:39 pm #

            Thank you so much for the response!!! This really makes sense and I do not feel too incredibly bad about having given my kitty some ZiwiPeak! But i will take your advice and offer it as part of a rotation!

  26. LilacSerenity July 6, 2016 at 10:11 am #

    I recently decided to double check the BPA-free claims from Halo (Impulse) and Wild Calling, as they are a part of my rotation. Some websites (like this one) say their cans are BPA-free, but some ( stated the opposite. Concerned about the contradiction and finding no clarification from the companies’ websites, I was more than suspicious and decided to reach out to them directly. Halo completely ignored my initial email (aside from the automated reply saying that somebody will get in touch with me in 2 days), as well as my “thanks-for-nothing” followup email a week later. And since neither my cats nor I were happy with their products as of lately, we decided to say good-bye to Halo altogether.

    However, Wild Calling pleasantly surprised me. I was at a crossroads about using their products: on one side, their ingredients are one of the best and cleanest out there; on the other side, there’s this canning at Evanger’s controversy. So, besides the issue of BPA, I also voiced my concerns about Evanger’s. Since I know there are a lot of you like me out there, concerned and looking for answers, I thought I’d share my exchange with the executive vice-president, Jeremy J. Petersen:

    “Our 5.5 oz cat cans are BPA free. Currently, there is not a manufacturer of 13 oz BPA free cans in the USA. We prefer to source US cans rather than overseas cans. So our 13 oz cans are not BPA free but our 5.5 oz cat cans are BPA free.

    Our dry foods are made at CJ Foods in Kansas.

    As of March 9, 2015, all our canned varieties except rabbit and buffalo are produced by Simmons Pet Foods in Emporia, KS. Rabbit and buffalo are still packed at Evanger’s but we continue to work diligently to have them produced at Simmons.

    Previously, all our canned product were manufactured by both American Nutrition and Evanger’s. As we are aware, there has been a lot of negativity surrounding Evanger’s. Unfortunately with only 5 canneries in the US and only two willing to produce product for young startup companies like us, we were limited in choices when we first started the company. I can assure you we have very strict manufacturing guidelines and random testing in place with all our copack partners. Furthermore, we use one of the industries top nutritionist to help build all our products. Never have we found any issues with the product produced at Evanger’s and it is actually favored among consumers between product produced at ANI v Evangers. Evanger’s has been cleared of any wrongdoing surrounding the product they produce by the FDA. It is very unfortunate they have legal issues surrounding what appears to be a lack of judgement and personal deficiency but this in no way impacts the quality of product they produce. Now, more than ever they are concerned about producing a quality product that abides by all applicable laws. We would not have partnered with them if they didn’t agree to abide by our strict standards. They produce product for several of the industries canned foods including Weruva, Party Animal and Addiction to name a few. We are very excited they are moving into a new state of the art facility as well which they are hoping will be Leeds certified.”

    FYI, I recently discovered that Wild Calling removed brewers dried yeast from all of their cans except buffalo and rabbit flavors, which are coincidentally (or not) are the only recipes still canned at Evanger’s. When I question Mr. Petersen about it, he replied: “It is impossible to product a product exactly the same from one cannery to another. Evanger’s currently has to use brewer’s yeast to help form the product on their equipment. When we moved to Simmons we wanted to remove this ingredient and were able to do so and still bind the loaf on their equipment. This is why there’s that difference. Rabbit and Buffalo are still the only 2 products made at Evanger’s because Simmons does not like to manufacture more exotic proteins as there is an art to manufacturing these types of products because of the ingredient variability. We are however working to get this product made at American Nutrition where are hopeful we can remove the brewer’s yeast as well. Our goal is to be out of Evanger’s by the end of the year.”

    I’ll be honest, all of his answers really gave me a peace of mind, finally. I thought I’d share it with the rest of you. I am currently feeding my cats duck and turkey flavors, which they seem to love. I also plan to try the beef and lamb/salmon/chicken flavors. And after such good news from Wild Calling, I definitely intend to stay their customer.

    • animaux July 6, 2016 at 12:53 pm #

      Thanks so much for your posts here, and especially for your research on WildCalling, LilacSerenity. Our tribe already eats Wild Calling dry in their rotation, but I’d been avoiding WC’s canned formulas because of the Evanger’s thing. This update was good news for my household; yay, a few kinds of Wild Calling canned will soon be on the menu. …Mr. Petersen seemed (atypically for a pet food company) rather transparent in detailing WC’s decisions and standards, which is awesome; otherwise, sadly, I have to agree with your #trustnoone from up above.

      BTW, please take this with a grain of salt, but I was once told (by employees of a local pet food store chain who’d been privy to some kind of training info w/r/t pet food ingredients in the brands they carried (i.e. info that I, as a customer, didn’t have access to, in order to verify or reject)) that Weruva’s “Cats In the Kitchen” line uses mainly the remnant parts of their meats — parts that aren’t considered “good enough” for their main line, Weruva, and certainly not of the quality in their TruLuxe line. So we nixed those for that (and maybe other, I don’t remember anymore) reasons. We feed the non-fish, non-grain TruLuxe flavors occasionally when we can afford it (and when we want to offer chicken, that is), but none of the other Weruva offerings see a cat dish around here anymore.

      Also, FWIW, we completely avoid buying “pouch” formulas entirely, since the food is subject to heat “cooking” in these pouches during the manufacturing process, and when I researched these sorts of pouches years ago after Wellness cat food pouches first came out, I didn’t feel good about the plastics (pouch lining) + fat + heat = ?!(leaching/xenoestrogens) equation. In looking into it more carefully now, there’s this…

      “Migration from multi-layer laminated film pouches intended for retort foods [pouch foods] was investigated through HPLC analysis with a fluorescence detector, and measurements of residue on evaporation, consumption of potassium permanganate and total organic carbon. HPLC analysis revealed that the levels of migrants in oil and the water which were heated in the pouches (121 degrees C, 30 min) were ten times of those in the corresponding official simulants under the official conditions; n-heptane (25 degrees C, 60 min), and water (95 degrees C, 30 min). Bisphenol A diglycidyl ether and related compounds were found in the oil and the water heated in the pouches, as well as in the simulants. These compounds were thought to have been present in the adhesive between the laminated films, and migrated through the food-contact film of the package. Consumption of potassium permanganate and residue on evaporation of the heated water were ten times of those of the water simulant, while the total organic carbon level of the heated water was several-hold greater than that of the water simulant. In addition, migrant levels per surface area of the pouch were one-fourth of the concentrations per content volume of the pouch. Since compliance with the legal limits is evaluated based on the concentration per surface area, real migration into foods would be underestimated by a factor of another four.”

      From: Simulation of migration from a multi-layer laminated film intended for retort foods. Uematsu Y et al. Indexed in PubMed.

      …So, it seems that cat food in pouches is no better than — absolutely the same as (and possibly worse than) — canned food with BPA. And so we’re not feeding anything to pets or humans in our household that comes from those pouches.

      Ai-yi-yi… the How-To-Live-Safely-In-This-World-Anymore plot thickens… and thickens… almost as though it were made with carageenan. Or something.

      • LilacSerenity July 6, 2016 at 5:19 pm #

        Animaux, thank YOU for the info! I was always under the impression that pouches were implicitly bpa-free, since it’s not a metal can that needs to be protected from rust on the inside, although I couldn’t find any confirmation or rebuttal of it anywhere.
        I’m especially thankful for the “inside” info about Weruva. We need to watch out for each other and help with any info we can share since big money corporations are only interested in protecting themselves. #CatLoversUnite
        Ironically enough, my cats never warmed up much to Weruva (i practically had to force-feed them), but I had to pick the lesser of all evils available to me 🙁 When I decided to try Wild Calling, weruva went out of rotation altogether. Needless to say, after your info, I’ll be getting rid of the rest of the cans. Same with Wellness pouches – although it still looks good to my naked eye, my girls completely lost interest after a couple of months. I guess, I should trust their instincts more, huh?
        Unfortunately, right now they are left with only one choice – Wild Calling. Don’t get me wrong, the contents of their cans look and smell good enough to eat myself, but I’m so scared to be left with only one brand in the rotation, which my girls can get bored with pretty quickly, and then I’ll have nothing else to offer!!!! I welcome any advice on other brands with ingredients equivalent to Wild Calling quality!

        P.S. “Ai-yi-yi… the How-To-Live-Safely-In-This-World-Anymore plot thickens… and thickens… almost as though it were made with carageenan. Or something.” – LMAO, you’re hilarious! :))))))))))))

        • Jerilin July 6, 2016 at 6:27 pm #

          Just my opinion..but I would pretty much disregard the cat in the kitchen line being bad without some proof…somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody isn’t proof. I think you should have a rotation and pick the best available foods that your cats like that are as clean as available and not worry about very small details as much…hth. I would also be very surprised if the foods are “cooked” in the pouches. The food is probably put in there when it’s still warm but not cooked in there? Also a rotation diet is the reason for all these little small details. It’s not like you are feeding pouches all the time so I think we should take a deep breath in put things in perspective a little bit.

          These are all (canned or pouch) foods I feed my own 4 cats that are very clean in which the companies have responded to my emails about and are constantly improving formulas on. Good luck sweetie!!
          1) Tiki Cat (any of their canned including gourmet carnivore, the fish flavors as a treat only) so mainly:
          -Puka Puka
          -Napali (chicken and salmon)
          -Chicken and Duck Gourmet Carnivore
          -Chicken and Turkey Gourmet Carnivore
          -they also have beef in gourmet carnivore but my cats didn’t care for the big liver pieces
          -Hanalei Luau
          2) Weruva cats in the kitchen pouches: Love Me Tender, Pumpkin Licken Chicken, Chick Magnet (more as a treat). The other CITK pouches have synthetic vitamin k in them or heavy fish. I very occasionally buy 1 if by land 2 if by sea for a treat only.
          3) Weruva canned: Regular Line: the only one I get is Paw Lickin Chicken TruLuxe: Steak Frites, On the Cat Wok (the fish ones have vitamin K) Cats in the Kitchen canned: Fowl Ball. I don’t like that the cats in the kitchen canned has so many gums plus a lot of the others besides fowl ball has fish.
          4) Wild Calling:: Magic Meadow (buffalo), Trot N Tommy turkey, the duck one the majority of my cats didn’t like. I don’t like that Wild Calling is SO high in fat. I would like to see them offer a lower fat food.
          5) Nature’s Variety canned regular: Rabbit, Duck. I don’t feed beef or venison because of fat content but my cats like the beef especially if I do buy. I tried the limited ingredient turkey but my cats didn’t like.
          6) Soulistic canned: Good Karma, Golden Fortune, Harvest Sunrise is high carb
          7) Soulistic pouches: Autumn Bounty, Good Karma
          8) Soulistic cups as treat only: tuna dinner in gravy, salmon & tilapia dinner
          9) Against the Grain: Carribean Club, Chicken and pumpkin samba, tuna mango tango as treat, lamb cucurbita as treat, shrimp daddy as treat
          10) Addiction canned caraneegean free only: Hunters Venison stew, Rabbit and blueberries, turkey and cranberries
          11) Lotus Just Juicy turkey stew and pork stew. A little higher in carbs than I would like but my cats love it. Not as high in carbs as harvest sunrise by soulistic though which is recommended all the time but I skip for a lot cleaner chicken foods (no carbs, gums, veggies)
          12) Pure Vita canned: Beef Stew my cats love, Turkey stew my cats did not.
          13) Wellness Morsels pouches, but only some of my cats like. (2 out of 4)
          14) Petcurrean Go! Shine duck pate: my cats didn’t like but I would try. Cleanest of their offerings. Some of the others had more fruit/veggies than I would have liked.
          15) Life’s Abundance Instinctive Choice canned
          –My cats hated Impulse by Halo and Merrick Limited Ingredient, which I don’t mind since Merrick was bought by Purina.
          Looking into Earthborn Hollistic.
          Best of luck!!

          • Geo55 July 6, 2016 at 10:04 pm #

            Wow. You are all wonderful cat parents to be so doting with the food. But you are also so blessed to have cats that will eat all these foods. I tried so hard (and still do) but mine are incredibly finicky and they are rarely willing to eat a new food, let alone anything on the. ‘best ‘ list…very frustrating!

          • Jerilin July 6, 2016 at 10:45 pm #

            What kind of food do you feed them now? Does it have animal digest or other addictive additives in it? What kind of texture? What age are your cat (s)? Mine were young when I transitioned them off fancy feast I got lucky. Have you tried to sprinkle probiotic or flaked Bonito flakes on top?
            Mine go the most nuts for chicken tiki cat so try that if u haven’t already. Let them smell it in the can before you feed it. You could also microwave it.
            I don’t feed all those foods at once but rotate through them and try to buy one food from each meat (so a chicken, a turkey, beef, duck, game meat, etc) and then rotate them through the different meats. Good luck with your kitties! 🙂

          • geo55 July 7, 2016 at 10:58 am #

            Thank you Jerilin. My cats are willing to eat: Fancy Feast. ( I only feed the low carb Classic varieties), Halo Spots Pate and Impulse, Wellness Core ( with the copper label), Primal Chicken & Salmon, and lots of Whole Life Chicken Treats. They prefer pate style and changed their minds about the case of Weruva Paw Lickin Chicken I bought. I tried so hard to get my older cat off Fancy Feast…but he basically went on a hunger strike…so I had to give him his FF Classic Chicken. He is my most fussy and may eat some of a new food for a can or two but then he’ll start to refuse it. He is addicted to FF : ( …. I have to load on the toppings: Bonito flakes, freeze dried treats, etc. My other cats are also quite fussy, but I am able to get them to eat more variety than my older boy. Ironically, the feral cats I feed outside often eat healthier food than my precious babies inside! Certainly better than throwing it away. I’ve spent a small fortune on rejected foods over the years.

          • EffieA. July 7, 2016 at 1:17 am #

            It wasn’t easy lol, it took me lots of frustrations and varieties of cans or brands with a beyond picky cat who would paw the carpet or floor in an attempt to bury the food (I’m grateful to great policy that saved my pocketbooks too, they were very helpful in their advice too), it took me over 4 months of persistence to fully transition him to wet food and the fortiflora probiotic sprinkled on the wet food helped tremendously as well as slowly decreasing and eventually eliminating dry food helped (I stopped the probiotic after a few weeks to a month, some say tuna juice helps too). He is officially wet food transitioned for one year and for the rest of his life now 🙂

          • Effie A. July 7, 2016 at 1:08 am #

            Thanks for the info on wild calling, I tried the turkey, but my cat rejected it about a year ago and I noticed it was due to the brewer yeast as he also did this to another brand as well, so I avoid any brand with it. I have been wanting to try wild Calling again, but of course had concerns on their usage of the evanger plant and dried brewer yeast in the ingredients, so now I’ll definitely order their turkey in two weeks due to switching their canning factory and removal of that ingredient from to have more brands as part of my rotations and I’ll guess I’ll wait when they hopefully update their buffulo (another novel meat I want to add). So fingers crossed, we will see if my cat will like it this time. Again, thank you as I would’ve never known or gave it a second chance.

          • LilacSerenity July 7, 2016 at 1:28 am #

            FYI, chewy hasn’t updated their ingredient info yet, so don’t be thrown off. I literally compared each ingredient on the can with the website, and although Wild Calling has updated theirs, chewy has not yet ( i think only duck flavor is updated). Anyway, I called chewy about it cause i didn’t want to order an old batch, chewy’s called the manufacturer to verify, yada yada… Long story short, although chewy carries the new formulas, the ingredients for WC cans have not been updated on the website (i think they just overlooked it), but Wild Calling website lists the correct ones. BTW, that was the reason why I haven’t ordered WC sooner, i usually just look up the ingredients on chewy.

  27. paulasponderings July 10, 2016 at 11:57 am #

    Just learning about healthy foods for my cats after the Blue Buffalo scandal…. thank you for taking the time an energy to write such a detailed article on cat food. I greatly appreciate it!!

  28. dsunlin July 13, 2016 at 9:46 am #

    We were enjoying Blue Buffalo’s Wilderness label, but then they switched the recipe. The old labels said “Salmon”, “Chicken”, etc, and now they say “Salmon Recipe” and so on. He won’t touch it anymore.

  29. Maria O July 13, 2016 at 1:22 pm #

    Love this site and all the advice on cat food as I have 6 cats. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on healthy food that’s also good for their teeth. Of course the vet wants me to use Hills veterinary oral food, but I’m not comfortable with that after I read the ingredient list. Or any suggestions on how to keep their teeth clean without actually brushing, which is impossible to do with my cats…

    • EffieA July 13, 2016 at 1:34 pm #

      Some have used water addictives, but I heard chews are great too, some either with raw non-splintered bones (avoid pork, chicken, and fish ones) or bark to allow for that dental cleaning or some swear by the tropiclean no brushing required gel. I have used that but I also brush my cat teeth whether he likes it or not, I also got some cat twig silver vine organic sticks from Amazon, and he loves chewing on those little at a time (no need to leave it out all day just 20-30 mins and then put away so won’t get bored with it.

  30. scarlett July 19, 2016 at 3:47 am #

    I had been interested in some of the addiction flavors listed above (rabbit, venison, etc.) even though they are higher in carbs than the brands i’ve been feeding my cat but when i read through their ingredients they all have D2, which seems like it might be a deal breaker…

    • EffieA. July 19, 2016 at 8:39 am #

      Have you tried nature variety’s limited ingredient rabbit, as that is a good alternative and some liked the wild calling brand too. Same for me Scarlett, that is why I get those novel meats from other brands that have d3 instead and I heard there are some addiction that contain d3 instead of the other one for certain meat variety, but I never tried or checked on this

      • geo55 July 19, 2016 at 11:56 am #

        A few years ago, I was feeding the Nature’s Variety frozen rabbit until I discovered that it was mostly pork and it was sourced from China. Best to check with the manufacturer for the details…

        • EffieA July 19, 2016 at 12:47 pm #

          I did check and they no longer source from China in fact they get the rabbit from France and Italy and have done this for at least two-three years if I recall, thanks to listening to their customers’ concerns. So, recently I decided to buy the Lid rabbit canned (my first time buying this meat variety before I brought only lamb, duck, turkey lid), and the only meat protein is rabbit. However, I haven’t tried their frozen lines, just dry food (before I transitioned) and the canned foods

          • geo55 July 19, 2016 at 10:02 pm #

            Thanks for the updated info. ; )

  31. Ammy July 27, 2016 at 9:35 am #

    I’ve gone right off of Weruva, BFF and Tiki Cat after reading about sub-par supplements, among others! For example, companies who are using Copper Sulfate rather than the proteinates, etc. Not to mention using a lot of cheap cuts of meat. It’s how those companies get away with charging so much for so little! I don’t like carrageenan in pet food either but when you pay near $40 per case for cat food you should not expect cheap cuts or poor supplements.

    Anyone know if Wellness CORE has any faults? I like that the supplements aren’t the cheap ones you find in the above mentioned brands. Hound & Gatos and Wild Calling are my go-to however my cats don’t seem to like them. :{ I’m on the search for a yummy topper to help make it more appealing!

    • Jerilin July 27, 2016 at 10:18 am #

      Core has Carrageenan and I would be very careful of Wellness after reading numerous comments about wellness canned and dry causing crystals and urinary issues. I also see flax and yucca and other uneeded cats also don’t like Wellness but your mileage may vary. The core ingredients just say “vitamin __ supplement” and aren’t specific about what supplement ingredient is being used. Tiki Cat has switched over to more premium chelate supplements in their gourmet carnivore line and soon in the puka and koolina prob. and imo is as clean of a canned food as you’re going to find..Weruva uses the sulfates and is slightly higher carb in some formulas than Tiki Cat but my cats love it which is more than I can say for most cat food. I prefer the tiki cat formulation because no potato or veggies added.. As far as I know the “cheaper cuts” re weruva was just a comment someone made without a valid source that started the rumor mill. Most cat food companies make the food in human factories and do use leftover meat cuts. Cats would be eating the whole animal in the wild though. If you have to have the muscle meat I would make your own raw like hare today or make homeade. Totally up to you.

      I have two cats who aren’t picky. But then I have two who are more normal cats HA and only clean the plate on Tiki Cat, Weruva and Soulistic. They used to eat Nature’s Variety, Wild Calling and Addiction and I even got them to eat Merrick Backcountry pouches for a minute but they quickly have grown picky about that food because of the chunky texture. I am going to continue the Tiki Cat and some Soulistic and Weruva (the lower carb ones) but then feed mostly homemade Hare Today raw and Rad Cat, Darwin’s, Stella and Chewy’s and Whole Life Life Bites if they like them. You could try putting pure bites or other freeze dried treats crushed on top of the hg or wc maybe but cats do not like what they do not like and sometimes we are just servants in their universe hahaha!! Good luck! 0_0

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