What to do if your cat goes missing

catxing sign What to do if your cat goes missing

Cat-finding tips that have worked for a pro

Every time I see a lost cat poster, it hurts. But, as in my own story about my cat found after 3 weeks, all is not always lost!

Here is some great advice from an author, environmental scientist, and intuitive animal communicator who has many “lost and found” success stories.

Her name is Marta Williams and this checklist comes from her recent newsletter.

Here is a checklist of some things to do if you or a friend has a lost animal:

  • Check out petrescue.com, they have a good guide to how to find a lost animal.
  • Go door to door at least 5 blocks (or equivalent distance) in all directions, handing out flyers or leaving them on the doorstep.
  • Check the shelters in person and get friendly with staff.
  • Tune in to your intuition: go stand outside, close your eyes, and turn to each direction and feel which direction you think is the best one to start with. Search that area first.
  • Stay positive, imagine your animal home safe and sound, come up with a positive statement like, I get her back safe and sound, and say that to yourself often.
  • If you have sightings, show your animal in mental movies, the best safest way to come home from where he/she was sighted. Or show her a mental movie of going to a nice person and getting rescued and returned home.
  • Get some sleep: when you sleep you are your most intuitive, have a pen and paper by the bed. Before you sleep, program your dreams to get information about your animal. Write down whatever you remember when you wake up.

More about Marta Williams

Marta is the author of fascinating book called Learning Their Language: Intuitive Communication with Animals and Nature. She also provides intuitive phone consultations to help you find lost animals. “$45/flat fee. If the initial session leads to the recovery of the animal I ask for an additional award fee of $50.” (These are her rates at the time of this post, April 2011. I’ve always thought I’d try this if I lost an animal again.)

Tip: Cynthia of Bee Holistic Rescue (I’m planning an interview with her soon) has recommended Marta for finding missing cats –it worked for her!

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