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Making decisions when your cat has a health crisis

A few years back, I was in a long work meeting when I got the vet’s call. I stepped outside to take it. On hearing what he had to say, I slid my back down a wall and tried to steady myself. I had never received such awful news. I believed these things didn’t happen […]

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Featured soul cat: Cindy’s cat Sharkbait

Several weeks ago I received a long message from a woman named Cindy Wilson. Her message relayed two things. First, she wanted me to know how much she liked my 6 Natural Ways to Help Your Cat Live Longer because she also had become passionate about increasing cat longevity, had done a lot of the same research, and […]

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Best cat foods update March 2013

Friends, the ever-growing and active Today’s best canned and raw cat foods page has grown again. When I started the page I had no idea how many new and interesting cat foods would emerge from the woodwork. It’s great because I think cat food consciousness is really shifting. Since late 2010, many old and new brands […]

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Natural cat litter: the quest for the perfect one

I recently got to try out a new natural litter-and-box system that may be particularly interesting to cat lovers with mobility limitations or a deep desire to get plastic out of the environment. More on that in a moment, but first: based on my own experience and what I’m hearing from you, our biggest cat […]

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What I do when I miss my cat + an announcement

  As happens around the holidays, when I am missing my feline soul mate, Bastet, who has gone on to other realms, I may feel a tenderness and heaviness in my chest and a tightening in my throat. Can you relate? Here’s what I do I breathe gentleness and kindness into those tender places in my […]

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