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When cat loves a human (Valentine’s Day stories)

Do you have cat “love story”? Has a cat ever played a helpful role in your relationship with your sweetheart? One evening when Robert and I had a fight, I retreated to a room to be alone with my misery. A vigorous meowing and pushing started on the door. Our cat Phil managed to push […]

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Featured soul cat: Foxy Discopants

I’m excited to share our first official “Soul companion cat story”… Tip to readers: Your (past or present) soul companion cat could be featured too…

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You may be meditating with your cat (and not know it)

If you spend quiet time with your cat, if you fall into a reverie as you watch him, if you drop into your heart and find yourself simply being, you are entering a meditative state with your cat…

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Stories of caring cats

I was moved by this letter shared last week in Gary Brogue’s news column:
“I lost my husband recently. Often at night while I am in bed, I start to cry. My 14-year old cat, who is usually on the bed with me, immediately comes up to me…and starts to purr…He often touches my face with his paw.”
Perhaps because cats can be so “of the wild” and independent, I find it especially meaningful when they show so much understanding and kindness…

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Which plants are safe (and not safe) for cats?

Here’s a list to take to your local plant nursery. Indoor cats love to nibble some plants, but what’s a home without plants? My friend Shenan had a good idea: Just tell me which plants are safe. So I did some research…and came up with some common safe plants and poisonous plants.

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