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5 curious discoveries about long-living cats

Would you believe the world record for feline lifespan, verified by Guinness World Records a 38 year-old cat?

Yep, a cat named Cream Puff.

In fact, most of us have met or heard of someone who had a 20 year-old (or older!) cat.

This kind of information makes me crazy and gives me hope that there may be more we can do to help our cats live longer.

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Featured Soul Cat: Linda Mohr’s Tatianna

Today we honor a feline soul mate with captivating eyes and a playful spirit. For Linda Mohr, Tatianna was one of those cats where the bond and communication between the two of you goes , as she says, “beyond human understanding.”

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Featured soul cat: Ingrid King’s Feebee

We have a very special soul cat story today. It’s the story of award-winning author-blogger Ingrid King’s first feline soul mate ever: A wonderful cat named Feebee.

Ingrid shares a story similar to my own: the story of an animal friend who pulled her out of her darkest times. Can you relate?

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Featured Soul Cat: Charlie’s Moses

Today’s soul cat story is about a radiant cat named Moses. As you can see in the photo, Moses is very special. I was quite moved by what Charlie wrote about her on the feline soul mate post page. She shared this: …I think cat soul mates come into our lives to teach us something. […]

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Featured Soul Cat: Momo the Blogging Cat

Momo is a luxuriously furred cat and loving feline soul mate to the charming cat blogger known as “SS.” Actually, it’s Momo who writes the blog, but SS is her human companion who attempts to supervise the whole thing. I like how SS points out that cats who are not “lap cats” are still sometimes […]

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