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kaboompics.com_Black catThank you for your interest in contributing an article to Natural Cat Care Blog!

If you would like to share an article relating to natural cat health, the feline-human bond, or ecological cat care, we would love to hear from you.
Before contacting us, please review the details below. At this time, we can only respond to submissions of full articles, not article pitches.

Reasons to write for Natural Cat Care Blog

Like most blogs, we cannot pay for guest posts, but there are great reasons to get published here:

  • Reach more people. The Natural Cat Care Blog receives an average of 65,000+ views every month (and growing), and each post is sent to the blog email list and posted on the blog Facebook page as well.
  • Support cats and their people. I created this blog out of pure love for cats and the feline-human bond. I did this because I believe that, while cats are often misunderstood, they have so much love to give they could practically save the world – one human at a time! I also learned several things about natural cat health the hard way, and feel there are many tips and insights (some still being discovered) that could make a big difference in the length and quality of our beloved cats’ lives. Join in this mission by writing for this blog!

Guest post contribution guidelines

  • We are looking for posts about natural cat health, wellbeing, or behavior, and/or the feline-human bond and lifestyle. Examples of feline-human bond and lifestyle articles include uplifting, true stories about you + your cat, DIY eco cat toys, green cat care options, etc. In the area of natural cat health, we’re looking for helpful or inspiring content and stories about cat healing, behavior, and healthy and holistic feeding.
  • Be original. Please submit your own original work. You can rework and combine articles you’ve published elsewhere, but we can’t publish something you’ve already published word-for-word somewhere else online. However, your offline pieces, such as excerpts from your own books, are welcome!
  • Length. 500 – 1300 words is the ideal range.
  • Include a bio. Please include a short description of you, the author, with up to two links. This will appear at the bottom of the post.
  • No in-post promotions (or links someone is paying you for), but your own links are welcome in your bio.
  • Use a personal and conversational style. Grammar and spelling matter too. It’s ideal if you include a personal experience in your post, even if it’s one sentence or simply why you are interested in your topic. And, try for a natural and conversational style of writing rather than an academic or extremely clever-cute style.
  • We can only respond to submissions of full articles. Submit your full article in email format. Please email your guest post in email format rather than in a document or HTML code.
  • Please allow up to three weeks for a response. We aim to read and reply to every guest post submission, but may miss your email, especially if went to spam. If you don’t hear back after three weeks, please feel free to send a follow-up email. (No posts are guaranteed to be published, but your submission is always appreciated!)

Keep in mind

  • Your post will be edited. All posts are edited for grammar, clarity, style, and  focus. If something you wrote or linked to is cut out, it’s not that we didn’t like it—it’s just that it may not have fit the blog’s style and focus.
  • The post image is something we usually pick out, but if you have a suggestion please let us know. We may ask you for specific images to include as well (e.g., of your cat if you are writing about him.)
Sound good? If so please get in touch by emailing liz [at] naturalcatcareblog.com with “Guest Post Submission” in the subject line.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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