Nine lives are not enough! Update on Soul Comfort for Cat Lovers

Today, I’m happy to announce that an audio version of Soul Comfort for Cat Lovers has just been published by Tantor Media. It’s available on Audible and Amazon. I have a couple related resources I’ve been meaning to share with you as well.

Are you like me? I’m such a sensitive soul that I could barely imagine surviving the loss of a beloved cat, let alone opening my heart to the whole process again.

If yes, please know you’re not alone. Research has found that the loss of an animal family member often hurts at least as much as the loss of a human one.

The good news is that we can metabolize this private grief – and become able to love and adopt again. That’s what I found out and why I wrote a book about it eight years ago. I wove my own experiences with advice from grief experts and stories from cat lovers to create the book I couldn’t find when I needed it.

To say I’ve been touched by the response to Soul Comfort for Cat Lovers would be a huge understatement. It’s been an honor to feel connected to other cat lovers around something so meaningful. I’m thrilled to finally have an audio version out there.

Relatedly, I have two other new resources to share.

Awesome new resources for finding comfort in wonder

I was so excited when I discovered what I’m about to share with you! It’s related to the section of Soul Comfort called “Finding Comfort in Wonder: Allowing the Possibility that Death is Not the End”– which touches on research that suggests more to life and death, and on experiences of connection after death, from an open-minded perspective.

If you are curious about such things, check out Mark Gober’s work below. With these topics, I always appreciate the efforts of more left-brained, non-new-agey folks, like Mark, who work hard to cite the most credible sources. His fascinating, highly readable book goes deeper into everything I touched on and more, with the latest research.

If you’re interested in matters like near-death experiences and the mystery of consciousness itself, check him out:

Recent Modern Cat article for grieving cat lovers

I was interviewed for this article you’ll find validating if you’ve ever experienced the loss of a feline friend as “devastating, overwhelming, and unfathomable”: How to Grieve the Loss of a Cat

If you’re in grief and wondering how to move forward, here’s what I can tell you…

I can tell you that the struggle is lessened when we focus on honoring our cat and our grief. And on giving the feelings the space they need. It’s also helpful to allow a sense of continued connection with your feline friend. This can be in how you hold them in your heart and speak of them, and, if you’re open to such things, it can also be a spiritual connection.

This, ALL of this, is what Soul Comfort for Cat Lovers is about.

Finally available as an audiobook!

4 Responses to Nine lives are not enough! Update on Soul Comfort for Cat Lovers

  1. Dan June 24, 2020 at 7:00 pm #

    Hello Liz. I recently lost my buddy of ten years, and it’s been a REALLY rough time of it. It’s been two months and some change now, and I’m still working through my emotions. 😭
    I tried to order your book through abebooks, but for some reason, they were no able to process my order. However, I am still intending to get it. I have seen nothing but positive reviews for it, so I am looking forward to reading it. If your interested, this is my blog that I publish, and I wrote about loosing my buddy a couple times, and I mentioned your book. Thanks for being who you are, and sharing your experiences with the rest of us cat lovers.

  2. Elisabeth Thomas June 16, 2020 at 6:39 pm #

    Thank you so much for this, the loss of my precious Eynnie has left me shattered. I believe friends are left feeling awkward, not knowing what to say or do to help me thru my painful grief. Bless you 💘

    • Liz June 17, 2020 at 10:28 am #

      Thank you, Elisabeth. I so understand. I know how hard it is right now. May Eynnie’s memory be a blessing, and may you continue to feel close to Eynnie’s spirit.

      • Elisabeth Thomas June 18, 2020 at 9:53 am #

        I downloaded your audio book last night and just finished listening to it. I’m glad that I’m working from home, it made me weep. I think in part from grief and part knowing that there’s someone who gets how I’m feeling. My Eynnie was like your Baster, a majestic and mysterious black cat. He was my lover, my pain in the butt, my confidant and traveling companion. I miss deeply, I know that where he is, he’s having a good time with his siblings and grandparents. Bless you for all that do. I found your website a few years ago when I lost my Choas.

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