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Liz Eastwood, CNC with Joel

Welcome, cat-friend! This blog is devoted to the health and happiness of you and your cat, and to preventing cancer in cats–which has escalated alarmingly in the last couple decades.


Author Sloane Crosely, in her New York Times article, said this about her cat Mabel:

To wake up with her belly-up and demanding affection is to have your heart explode with the kind of joy that compels some people into a life of large-scale oil painting.”

Does that sound at all familiar to you?

Do you find the idea of your cat suffering or dying nearly unbearable to think about? Perhaps you have lost a beloved cat to disease before–too early?

Do you dearly want your cat to live to a happy, ripe old age?

Then you are a lot like me.

This blog aims to share…

What’s my story?

I’m the author of Soul Comfort for Cat Lovers: Coping Wisdom for Heart and Soul After the Loss of a Beloved Feline, have written about cat care for Amazing Wellness magazine, and have been featured in Modern Cat magazine.

I’m an animal lover who has been inexplicably obsessed the feline species since age 4. I tend to study every good resource I can find on the subject. I’m not a cat health professional, but some people might call me an investigative reporter of cat care. I question the status quo when it’s not serving us well.

I am also a writer, artist, and certified holistic nutrition consultant (CNC), though I no longer practice nutrition consulting.

Why am writing about all this?

I was catalyzed to create this blog because I lost a soul-mate cat to high-grade intestinal lymphoma shortly after she turned 12.

This was a great shock to me, since I was used to cats living longer and I thought I had taken great care of her for her whole life.

It was also so painful that I feel compelled to reach out to others who may go through something like this.  It brought into sharp focus how there can be an inexplicably deep connection between us and our animal friends.

I was plunged into desperate research about cancer and cancer in pets, and I learned a great deal. Yet it was not soon enough to save my beloved cat.

The tragedy is that I feel may I have been able to prevent the cancer. I had studied natural cat care before, but I didn’t have all the right info and I didn’t know how to properly introduce healthy changes without having a cat reject them.

I want to save others from making any of the mistakes I made.

Feline high-grade lymphoma had a short-term death prognosis from the beginning, and the only cats I had heard of who had survived lymphoma had the low-grade kind. (Nevertheless, there are humans who have survived it, so anything is possible.)

But prevention is where we start. I’ll be sharing everything I can with you here.

Dedicated to Bastet, life-saving soul cat


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