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Dr. Hofve on what to feed a cat with kidney disease

One question I get a lot is “What should I feed my CKD cat?” (CKD stands for chronic kidney disease. It’s also called CRF, chronic renal disease.) Not having a definitive answer, I requested an interview with one of my favorite cat experts, the holistic vet, Dr. Jean Hofve. She provided some surprising and helpful answers! Dr. Jean, if you had a cat […]

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Cat food FAQ and update

As it turns out, the cat food universe changes and expands almost as fast as the number of questions I get about cat food grows each day. The time has come for Frequently Asked Questions! What do you think of  _{fill in the blank}_ pet food company?  As much as I wish it were as […]

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Best cat foods update March 2013

Friends, the ever-growing and active Today’s best canned and raw cat foods page has grown again. When I started the page I had no idea how many new and interesting cat foods would emerge from the woodwork. It’s great because I think cat food consciousness is really shifting. Since late 2010, many old and new brands […]

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10 new additions to best cat foods list

10 new additions to best cat foods list

Updated Nov 12, 2012 (changes in red) A very big thank you to everyone who has visited the Today’s Best Cat foods pages and suggested foods to investigate. I have been trying to keep up behind the scenes—even resorting to Excel spreadsheets for tracking. (Confession: I hate Excel—I know, what a baby!) Without further ado… 10 additional […]

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