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Hairballs?! Natural remedies that are working

Hairballs?! Natural remedies that are working

UPDATED 2016 If you’re like me, you may yearn to give your cat something besides those petroleum/mineral oil hairball products. (See my worries about ingesting petroleum jelly supported here and also here. Also, long term use interferes with your cat’s ability to absorb the important fat-soluble vitamins – A, E and D – according to […]

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black cat on the scales

Overweight Cat? The Hidden Cause and Solution

Many cats are more overweight and less healthy than their owners realize — I speak from experience here. But, I’m happy to report that the hidden cause of cat chubbiness is easy to remedy. It’s not really your fault, and it’s not your cat’s fault either. Most of us have made the mistake of assuming […]

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