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Can we give the “disinterested, uncaring feline” stereotype a rest?

BEFORE I BECAME MORE KNOWLEDGABLE ABOUT CATS, as much as I loved them, I too would joke about their “fickle” shows of interest/disinterest in their humans. But, my perspective has changed and I would love to see our culture stop stereotyping cats as arrogant, disinterested, or having a “split personality.” Let me explain… (Of course, this […]

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Featured soul cat: Cindy’s cat Sharkbait

Several weeks ago I received a long message from a woman named Cindy Wilson. Her message relayed two things. First, she wanted me to know how much she liked my 6 Natural Ways to Help Your Cat Live Longer because she also had become passionate about increasing cat longevity, had done a lot of the same research, and […]

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When cat loves a human (Valentine’s Day stories)

Do you have cat “love story”? Has a cat ever played a helpful role in your relationship with your sweetheart? One evening when Robert and I had a fight, I retreated to a room to be alone with my misery. A vigorous meowing and pushing started on the door. Our cat Phil managed to push […]

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