This evolving list includes resources I have either used and loved or feel strongly confident about based on research and trusted recommendations.

Cat food

See my Best Cat Foods page.

Natural stain and urine odor cleaner

Fizzion Pet Stain and Odor Cleaner, with spray bottle: Cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy  says this works best for removing urine smell. It’s pretty amazing.

Simple Solution is the enzyme cleaner I like particularly for stains.

Beneficial supplements for cats

Safest soap if you must(!) bathe your cat

Dr. Bronner’s unscented castile soap

Easy grow cat grass

Pet Greens Garden Wheat Grass Self-Grow Kit: Grows like crazy, but you need to plant it in a heavy, solid pot so your cat can really bite down and pull at it. Otherwise it just drags around or knocks over.

Cat behaviorists who can consult by phone

Feline Minds

Holistic vets you can consult with by phone

See the current list here.

Other cat vets we love

See Vets who really know and love cats: a list.

Great sites for researching cat health issues

See my favorite list here.

Natural cat care books

Natural flea control

Vaccination decisions

See this Vaccination article by Dr. Jean Hofve of

Book to give or read after the loss of a beloved cat

Soul Comfort for Cat Lovers: Coping Wisdom for Heart and Soul after the Loss of a Beloved Feline

Animal communicators who love cats

  • Sharon Callahan– for spiritual readings. Sharon has a very spiritual nature. She’s very helpful to talk with when your cat is ill or has passed on.
  • Marta Williams – for behavioral and missing cat communications: Marta has a speciality of helping people locate missing cats via her telepathic gifts. (Hard to believe, but she’s had considerable success.) 
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