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How treatment-resistant feline IBS symptoms healed in one month (not just by food)

Deborah was at her wit’s end. Those were her exact words when she first told me what her cat, Miette, was going through and how it was affecting both of their lives. Her 3-year old cat had recurrent IBS symptoms, particularly diarrhea, chronically loose stools, and vomiting.  Miette had so much gastrointestinal distress that Deborah […]

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What to feed cats with feline IBS, diarrhea, or frequent hairballs

UPDATED 2021 (Answers raw food added; minor updates) I’m hearing from more and more cat lovers who are desperate to help their cats resolve colitis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or disease (IBD) symptoms, such as: diarrhea or loose stools constipation frequent hairballs or vomiting digestive reactions to certain foods (e.g., food allergies) If you can […]

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